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Three Things Thursday Friday – Our Vacation!

So, not only is this post a day late, its going to be super short! Hubby and I got in from our awesome week in Mexico just after 4 this morning and i’m really hoping to sneak in a quick nap before the kids wake up from theirs 🙂

1. I ate like a PIG!

Seriously. I ate more tortilla chips with guacamole and Pico de Gallo than I ever thought possible! And the huge fajita platter that I devoured on our dinner out in Playa del Carmen, OMG, it was sooo good! Can’t forget about all the bacon, pancakes and pastries I ate for breakfast everyday! Know what the best part was – I LOVED every bite!


2. I laid around like a SLUG!

Other than walking around the resort, a little swimming and a stroll through Playa del Carmen, I sat on my butt, read 3 books and only felt a LITTLE guilty about not working out!


3. And I drank like a FISH!

Have you ever had a blue daiquiri? I’m not exactly sure what’s it, but I think I saw the bartender throw these some blue curacao, some rum, a little lime juice and a scoop of ice in the blender – in no fixed portions – and viola – liquid blue sweet-tart…can you say YUMMO!


It was an awesome vacation, and I’d love to show you pictures of it…but some jerk stole our camera 😦

Three Things Thursday! What A Week!

This has been a crazy week, super busy, but full of awesome!

1. Hubby and I just booked a vacation (sans kids) to Mexico…and we’re leaving in just 2 weeks! WooHoo! I’m super excited to be going on a much needed holiday – but have very mixed feelings about going without the kids.


2. Halloween was great! Ryan, Tanner and I went Trick or Treating last night, and although Ryan was not too keen on it at first, after a few houses she didn’t want to go home! I’d say her first Trick or Treating experience was a good one! Check out my cute little bee’s!!

Kids Halloween Photos

3. As a way to help me avoid my usual Halloween candy binge, I joined BeFitWithKristen in her Halloween Burpees Challenge. It works like this…for every piece of Halloween candy I eat between last Monday and November 7th, I need to do 10 burpees. Now, I know you’re probably saying, as if she actually does them, but I honestly have! For the last 4 days, I’ve done 30 buprees a day – which, if you know me at all, eating only 3 pieces of Halloween candy a day is a HUGE accomplishment. I can honestly say in the past, I would eat at least, at least, 15 pieces of candy in a day. Easily.

Is it the burpees? Am I actually developing my weakest muscle? Maybe its the fact that I will be wearing a bikini in two weeks….Whatever it is, I’m super impressed with myself!

How was your week? Did your little one’s enjoy Trick or Treating? Are you keeping your candy cravings in check?

How Will You Stay Busy When You Retire – August Writing Challenge #27

Wow, today’s Blogger Challenge questions has me looking about 17 years into the future…how will I keep busy when I retire?

Well, since my kids will be in university, I will probably have to continue to work part time for at least a few years– I’m thinking a little supply teaching here and there wont be too bad!?!?

Also in the plans….

Buy and house and spend the winters in Mexico. Warmth, sun, sand….OMG, I wish I would win the lottery so we can do this right now!

Run…I’m thinking if my knees hold out, I might actually be a pretty good runner in 17 years! I’d love to travel around the world and do some races.

Scrapbook – I’m sure I will be years and years behind by that point, so I hope to enjoy some time relaxing and preserving our family’s memories 🙂

That’s about all I can come up with right now…I’m sure as retirements gets closer, my list of things to do will get longer.

How do you plan on keeping busy when you retire?

What If? – August Writing Challenge #14

Today Blogger Challenge Question is: What if?

Well, I don’t really have any life changing what ifs so I’ve decided to put a little spin on today’s topic… I’ve decided to ask you a specific “what if” question….

What if you could go on a one week all-inclusive vacation anywhere you wanted…where would you go and why?


You see, my husband and I are planning on going on a little vacation (sans kids) before I return to work at the beginning of January. We absolutely LOVE Mexico, and have our sites set on a nice relaxing, but adventurous, week of fun in the sun. But, other than that, we really have no idea where to go!

I’d love to try somewhere new – a new destination, a new hotel… – but we want to make sure it is going to be awesome and that we at going to love it!

So, I’m hoping you can give us some ideas….Where would you go for a one week, all inclusive vacation? Why?

It’s Hump Day!

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday…this week has been so busy, it seams like it should definitely be the weekend by now!

Monday’s are workout days with my trainer and Skinny Jeans Challenge group, but after a morning stroller run with my son Tanner and our dog Clyde, I just didn’t have it in me to go for a workout 😦


I think I’ve ALMOST reached my burnout point. I’m not sure I have actually had time to recover from my crazy busy week/weekend of the Women’s Sports School Conference and BodyAttack Training. In the last week and a half, I’ve been to 6 BodyAttack classes (and actually team taught in 4 of those), I’ve done a 20K long run and a 5K stroller run, and did 2 personal training workouts. I think that actually works out to 9 workouts in 10 days!

And I’m suppose to be tapering since my Half Marathon is in 11 days!

Definitely too much!

This week I have also put forth a better effort in terms of Clean Eating. Yesterday I made Hawaiian Pita Pizzas from the Clean Eating Magazine Classic Comfort Foods 2012 Issue..super easy and pretty yummy!


Tonight we will be having Sausage and Pepper Penne (Thanks Kim!) also from the Clean Eating Magazine Classic Comfort Foods 2012 Issue. Looks delicious!


On the menu for the rest of the week…

Kung Pao Chicken, Stuffed French Toast and Sticky Buns…YUMMO!


Happy Hump Day everyone!
Only 2 more days until the long weekend!

Three Things Thursday – Its Been a “Super” Week

So I’ve pretty much been M.I.A. for about a week now, and I must say its been a  “SUPER” week!

1. I’ve been SUPER sick!  I know last week I mentioned I had been to the doctor and just had a bad cold, but when I didn’t feel any better after another few days, I went back to the doctor only to find out that I had a sinus infection, a throat infection, and bronchitis! Awesome! Too bad I didn’t get that diagnosis the first time, I would have been about 3 days ahead in my recovery. Oh well, at least I got some meds and have been getting better every day. Sinus infection is completely gone, throat infection is almost gone, but I’m still feeling the heaviness and congestion in my chest. Hopefully that will clear up in the next few days. 🙂

2. I’ve been SUPER busy! In preparation for next weeks OFSAA Women’s Sports School Conference, I have been making handouts and creating sample workouts (with custom timed playlists)  for my TRX Suspension Training Presenation. It has taken me much longer than I thought it would (isn’t that always the case…) in part because I couldn’t (and still can’t) find my TRX manual to provide me with the info I needed to make the handouts and workouts 🙂 I know… It’s been a while since I mentioned any decluttering projects… definitely need to get back at it!

Unfortunately that’s not the only thing I have on my plate right now. The conference ends Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday I have my BodyAttack Training! In preparation for this crazy intense, physically challenging weekend, I have to basically memorize the entire 55 minutes of choreography and be ready to actually teach 2 tracks! So, not only have I been to a few extra Attack classes this week, I’ve actually been practicing the tracks repeatedly in my living room 🙂 I’m off to a good start, but still have a lot of practice to do before leaving for the conference Wednesday morning if I’m going to pass the training weekend!

3. My house has been SUPER neglected! Because I have been so busy trying to get ready for next week, and since I basically tore the house apart looking for my TRX manual, our house is a disaster! That sucks in many ways! One, my cleaning lady comes tomorrow, which means that I have a lot of tidying to do tonight so she can actually clean while she is here! Two, my mom is coming next week to help with the kids while I am away, and she is a NEAT FREAK! Not just a little neat freak, but a serious neat freak! So not only do I have to tidy, I have to tidy like my mom is coming! And three, I don’t really have time to clean it! Seriously, that’s why it’s this messy in the first place! I guess I know what I will be doing tonight after he kids are in bed!

What has your week been like? Better or worse than mine? More or less busy? What gets neglected when you get super busy?
Please tell me I’m not the only one!!!

Happy Friday!

OMG, I am so excited! My weekend away (sans kids and hubby) is finally here!

T minus 5 hours!!!

So much to get done before I go:

  1. Pack!
  2. Run – today I am doing a race pace 5k.
  3. Personal Training Session – my Skinny Jeans Workout is today 🙂
  4. Prepare some healthy snacks.
  5. Do the kids laundry – otherwise I will becoming home to them having nothing to wear on Monday!
  6. Tidy up – the leaning lady comes today 😉

I think that’s it….not much time so I’d better get started! Well, after I make my daughter pancakes for breakfast 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend. I will try to post some stories and pics of my super-fun weekend away with the girls (and playing a little hockey)!

What are your weekend plans?