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Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day til the weekend, and it’s a long weekend for us Ontarian’s! Woohoo! Here’s what’s happening this week:

1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day usually isn’t a big deal at our house, but since my husband will not be home from work before the kids go to bed we started today off with a bit of a party!

The kids opened little gifts.


We organized valentines for our daycare friends.


And we had cake for breakfast!


It was super fun and a great way to start the day!

My husband actually got me roses this year, which was a huge surprise. Not only are they beautiful, but they are surrounded by a 6 pack of corona and chocolate – seriously, could it get any better!


2. I tried hot yoga yesterday for the first time!It was difficult, but I loved it! I was hoping my first lass would be a Gentle Yoga class, but it turned out it was a Hot Flow. Since I’ve haven’t really done yoga before I wasn’t sure what all the poses were and when we were suppose to have out eyes closed I was always peeking to see what I was suppose to be doing 🙂 hehehe!

3. I’m going to we BON JOVI on Sunday night, and I’m so excited! I absolutely love Bon Jovi – he is so frighten hot! And his music is pretty good too!

I’m going with a group of girlfriends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like, so it’s going to be fun to catch up over dinner, rock on at the concert and then we are all spending the night at one of the girls parents house who are out if town for the weekend. These girls are so much fun, I can hardly wait to see what the night brings!


Three Things Thursday – My Christmas Wish List!

Woohoo! Only one more day until the weekend! I am SO EXCITED!

Being back at work has been quite an adjustment, I totally forgot how rushed the evenings were – how hard it is to have play time, prepare a healthy dinner, and do baths all in the span of 3 hours! Each day is getting easier, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I was this pumped for a weekend! Bring it on!

So, with less than 3 weeks until Christmas, I’ve decided to make this week’s Three Things Thursday all about my Christmas Wishlist. I really haven’t thought much about what I’d like, by I’ve come across a few pretty cool ideas via blogs and twitter these past few weeks. So, here we go…

1. Health/Fitness Gift Ideas


1. New Gym Bag – now that I am back to work, my gym bag is having to do double duty and it sucks! Emptying work stuff so I can toss in my gym stuff and vice versa is getting a little annoying! I have yet to mis-pack or forget anything, but I’m sure it will happen before long!

2. Garmin ANT+ – I’ve lost the one that came with my watch which totally blows because you cannot upload any run info without it. My Garmin is still useful, but being able to track my progress and get the most out of the watch would be way better!

3. The Best Of Clean Eating 3 – I have the first cookbook of the series and love it! It, along with the Eat Clean cookbooks I have are pretty much the only cookbooks I use.

4. Cycling Shoes – I am absolutely loving spinning classes and as we all know, having the right gear is essential, so, I think these would be a good investment and maybe even improve my performance. If not, well, at least I’d look good!

5. Rundies – Everybody loves fun underwear!

6. Compression Socks – with the cold weather upon us, I think these would help me stay warm and injury free as well as help me recover faster and be ready for my next run!

7. Fitbook – Who wouldn’t love a super cute fitness journal to track your eating and exercise goals!

8. Hot Yoga Passes – I really, really, really want to try hot yoga! A few passes, maybe even to a few different studios in the area, would allow me to see what it’s all about and find classes I would enjoy.

9. A Water Bottle – I lost my good water about a month ago and have been using a wide mouth one ever since. Apparently me and the wide mouth do not get along – I often end up spilling all over me 😦

2. Clothes

I desperately need a wardrobe upgrade! I really haven’t bought any new clothes since getting pregnant with my daughter – she will be 3 in February! I know, sad isn’t it! So, here are a few things I’d love:


3. Gift Cards
Can’t go wrong with a gift card!


Now, lets just hope my husband reads this post!

What’s on your Wish List?

Three Things Thursday – My Winter Workout Plans

1. I’ve decided to take the Winter 100 Challenge hosted by Kristen at The Running Mom. The challenge is to run (or walk) 100 miles – 161 km – between December 1st and February 28th. Since I normally slack off in the running department over the winter, I’m hoping that participating in this challenge will keep me on track. I’m heading back to work in just over a week, which means I will be running regularly with my fitness classes and I hope to get in a couple of RUNches each week (thanks Janice for that awesome word, love it!). Interested in learning more about the challenge – click here!

2. This past week I tried RPM, a spinning class offered at GoodLife Fitness and I absolutely LOVED it! The workout was amazing – I sweat so much I actually left a puddle under my bike – crazy! So, my plan is to try and get to at least one, hopefully two RPM classes a week. There are two gyms in my area that offer this class so finding classes that fits my schedule shouldn’t be a problem…and as an added bonus, I think I might be able to hit up a class or two on my lunch!


3. I am also going to try and and hot yoga to my workout routine. I’m thinking that once a week is reasonable, since I will most likely have to get a babysitter to go. I’ve never done hot yoga, actually, I’ve never really done yoga, but I’m thinking that it will be a nice addition to my workout plan – especially since stretching is pretty much NOT a part of that plan right now 😦

aurora hot yoga

Ya, so, that’s my plan. Stay tuned for updates on my progress 🙂
What are your Winter Workout Plans?

8 Week Progress Report

It has now been just over 8 weeks since I started my journey (and this blog)! Here is an update as to where things stand in terms of reaching the 11 goals I set for myself and the progress I have made since my last update.

Goal #1 – My Pre-pregnancy Body Back – So, I’ve pretty much reached this goal. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight, and fit into my ‘goal jeans’, although not quite the way I want. The muffin top HAS GOT TO GO!!

This week marked the mid-point of the Skinny Jeans Challenge which meant measurement time!

I am actually really pleased with my progress so far…I’ve lost a total of 10.4 inches! CRAZY!! I still want to improve on my percent body fat – I’m down almost 5%, but would like to bring it down by about another 2.5%.

Goal #2 – Run a Two Hour Half Marathon – Well, the Half Marathon is only 19 days away and I’m definitely NOT PREPARED!

I’ve still only ran outside 2 times – one fast 5K (which went surprisingly well), and a 16K run a couple of weeks ago with my sister.

Here’s how my training schedule looked over the past 5 or so weeks.


BodyAttack has taken over my life! I have missed so many runs to get to Attack classes, it’s crazy! I’ve missed a total of 10 runs in the last 5 weeks – 1 hill workout, 3 fartlek workouts, 2 regular runs, and 3 long runs! BRUTAL!

I seriously doubt I will meet my goal of a sub-two hour half. I’m disappointed, but still hoping for a good run.

I guess we will see how things look after my 18K this weekend!

Goal #3 – Improve my Upper Body Strength – I was actually doing well with is goal since starting The 100 Push-Up Challenge last month – that was until I got sick. Since then, I have done NOTHING, and as a result, I am STILL struggling through the Upper Body Conditioning track in Attack 😦 My plan is to start the challenge again…tonight! Anyone want to do it with me and help me stay on track? Please?

Goal #4 – Try Hot Yoga – Still haven’t made it to a hot yoga class, and its not looking like I will be heading there any time soon. Until I get my Attack Certification Video done, I need to go to another Attack class Thursday evenings.

I hope to get my video in by mid-June, so hopefully I will be able to get to a class soon after that.

Goal #5 – Eat Clean – this is yet another goal that has been shoved aside since becoming sick and getting super busy.

I definitely need to get back in track, and fast!

My plan is to check out the latest issue of Clean Eating Magazine over the next few days, and set out next weeks meal plan. After that, I will hit the grocery store and get at it! I still want to aim for at least 2, but hopefully 3 clean meals a week.

Goal #6 – Limit the Amount of Junk Food I Eat – I’m actually not doing too bad at this one, considering I really haven’t been eating clean, I’m not exactly sure what I’ve been eating! My plan of not bringing it into the house is working, and I’m going to continue to keep it that way.

Goal #7 – Limit my Chai Lattes to one a Week – FAIL! HUGE! I’ve actually already had 2 this week! Chai latte is what seems gets me through the day! Although I did choose a Chocolate Banana Smoothie over the latte today:) Might have to stick with it, it’s higher in protein and fibre…sugar too, but I still think it’s the better choice. Agree?

Goal #8 – De-Clutter – Again, this one has been neglected since getting so busy. I did paint my sons room immediately after my last progress report, but unfortunately, it’s not quit finished 😦 I know, I’m brutal!

So, I still need to:

1. Finish painting my son’s room.
2. Clean out the kids toys.
3. Sort through my clothes.
4. Go through our deep freeze and actually see what we have in there!

Goal #9 – Read More – since my last update, I have finished The Help and The Lucky One.

Up next…the Shades of Grey Trilogy… Apparently everybody I know is or has read it. Not sure what to expect…besides turning 50 shades of red!!! Have you read the trilogy?

Goal #10 – Save Money – I am actually doing quite well with this one! Sticking to a bit of a budget has been easier than I thought it would be!

Goal # 11 – Make time for Scrapbooking – Unfortunately this too has been put on the back burner since becoming so busy. Now that the warm weather is coming, I have no idea when I will get back at it. Hopefully I will make it to a Friday night crop sometime soon!

Overall, I am not quite where I was hoping to be at this point. I need to get back into my running and start eating clean again! Really, I need to manage my time better and make healthy living a priority.

How is your journey going?
Do you have any super easy Clean Eating recipes you can share to help me get back on track?

4 Week Progress Report

Well, it’s been 4 weeks since I decided to get my act together and become a Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me. Let’s take a look at exactly how I’m doing according to the goals I set almost one month ago.

Goal #1 – My Pre-pregnancy Body Back – well, so far I have lost 5 pounds and have definitely noticed a difference in my shape. I still can’t fit into my favorite pair of Citizens, but I will definitely get there by the end of June (hopefully sooner)!

Goal #2 – Run a Two Hour Half Marathon – the race is not for another 8 weeks, but I did 22 of 23 scheduled workouts in the month of March. As great as that is, it’s too much for me to maintain. Since starting the Skinny Jeans Challenge on March 19th, I have worked out 13 of 14 days. I definitely need to change up my training schedule to allow for at least one day rest a week. My plan is to have that sorted out by this coming weekend.

Goal #3 – Improve my Upper Body Strength – I have noticed a bit of an improvement in this area, but really had nothing concrete to measure against. But I do now….last Monday at our  Skinny Jeans workout we did some fitness tests, one of which was a push-up test. I did 20 full body and 20 modified push-ups in one minute. Not too bad, but definitely room for improvement! I’m not sure if we are re-testing at the 7 week mark or just at the end of the 14 weeks, but I’m hoping for some big improvement!

Goal #4 – Try Hot Yoga – So far I have not had the chance to get to a hot yoga class. My husband is rarely home in the evenings which means I can’t go since I’m still a little nervous to leave my 3 month old with a sitter, especially around bed time 😦 I’m definitely going next time my husband is home on a Thursday night!

Goal #5 – Eat Clean – I actually am pretty impressed with how much clean eating I have done! I don’t really like to cook, but have made quite a few clean meals and snacks to date: Spinach and Turkey Sausage Pizza, Tilapia Stuffed Manicotti, Eat Clean Pancakes, Crockpot Oatmeal, Eat Clean Chocolate Hazelnut Crispy Squares, Bake-Ahead Breakfast Quiche, Skinny Coconut Cupcakes, and dinner tonight was Mediterranean Vegetable, Bean, Feta and Penne. My goal is to make at least 2, but hopefully 3 clean meals a week – which when you consider the leftovers, will pretty much get me through the week.

Goal #6 – Limit the Amount of Junk Food I Eat – I’m definitely struggling with this goal. I seem to do okay most days but there is plenty of room for improvement. Again, as long as I don’t bring it into the house I’m okay, and I’m getting better at saying no when my husband has treats.

Goal #7 – Limit my Chai Lattes to one a Week – I’m actually doing quite well with this goal. I think I’ve only had two in the past 4 weeks 🙂

Goal #8 – De-Clutter – I started off pretty good with this one…de-cluttered my car the first week and cleaned out our storage closet the second week. Unfortunately that’s where it ended 😦 So, to get back on track I’m going to lay out this months projects: 1. (not entirely clutter related, but something I’ve been meaning to do for months) Finish painting my son’s room. Before he was born we painted a jungle themed room, but we left the elephant untouched with the idea of painting it blue if our baby was a boy, or pink if it was a girl. Well, Tanner is now 12 weeks old and we still need to paint the elephant blue. Check out the pictures below, it’s a pretty awesome room!  2. Clean out the kids toys – Our living room seems to be taken over by toys, and now that we have somewhat made the basement into a play area, I need to put most toys down there and start using that space! 3. Sort through my clothes and give away those that don’t fit or that I don’t wear. 4. Go through our deep freeze and actually see what we have in there! I’m sure there are some yummy meals just waiting to be eaten!

Goal #9 – Read More – So far I have read three and a half books. I’ve finished the Hunger Games series and have read most of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (which I totally recommend if your kids are great sleepers). And I’ve just started The Help.

Goal #10 – Save Money – One thing that has really helped with this one is planning my meals. Before going shopping I sit down and figure out what I’m going to make for the week and only buy what we need. We are definitely eating better and wasting less.

Goal # 11 – Make time for Scrapbooking – I just had a day of scrapbooking this past Saturday and I’m hoping to have another day on April 21st. Since I now have an idea of what I want to do with my son’s album, I’m hoping to get a couple of pages done each week at home.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with where I’m at. I have definitely made progress with most of my goals and know what I need to do to get on track with the others. I will be back to update my progress at the 8 week mark. Stay tuned!

Have you outlined your goals yet? What progress have you made? Do you have a plan to keep you on track and help you be successful? I’d love to hear how your  journey is going!

Goal Setting

Now that I am ready to start the journey towards a Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me, I need to take a few minutes and actually think of what it is I want to accomplish. I’m thinking that the best way for me to do this is to establish some goals. Setting realistic and attainable goals is important. Goals must be clearly outlined, measurable, and have a time frame in which to be accomplished. I totally realize that some goals are going to take longer to accomplish than others, and that within my big goals, I need to establish mini-goals to keep my motivated and on track. After spending some time thinking about what I want to accomplish, I also realized that there are a ton of things I could set out to do. I am however, going to limit the number of goals I set so that I am more likely to stick to them and actually accomplish them by the end of June.

Health Related Goals Are:

1. Get my pre-pregnancy body back – I want to be muscular, strong, healthy and fit comfortably (and look good) in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Before getting pregnant with baby #2 I weighed 130 pounds, I would like to get back to that but don’t want to focus solely on the number on the scale. I know that if I am running and working out regularly, I am likely to build muscle and that may affect my weight.

Fitness Related Goals:                 

2. Run a 2 hour Half Marathon – I have signed up for the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon taking place on May 27, 2012. It will be my first race in almost 3 years so I will have to really commit to my training program. I will also have to eat well and make sure I get enough rest.

3. Improve my Upper Body Strength – I want to be able to complete the entire upper body conditioning track in Body Attack class.

4. Try Hot Yoga – I think that it will really help with my flexibility and I am hoping that it will help me to relax and de-stress.

Nutrition Related Goals:

5. Eat Clean – Now that I have established somewhat of a dinnertime routine as a mother of two, I need to actually start eating better and preparing healthy meals.

6. Limit the Amount of Junk Food I Eat – I am a huge fan of junk food and I absolutely love Coke! My plan is not to bring it into the house, that way, it’s not there for me to eat!

7. Limit my Chai Lattes to one a Week – I seem to have a bit of an addiction to Starbucks Chai Lattes and although I’ve cut down quite a bit since starting my maternity leave (I was having one a day), I still sometimes have 3 to 4 a week – yikes!!

Personal Goals:

8. De-Clutter – It’s time to get rid of all the junk around our house. My plan is to tackle one room a week so I don’t get overwhelmed.

9. Read More – I would like to read at least 10 books this year.

10. Save Money – Being on maternity leave means money is tight, I am going to stick to a budget and spend wisely.

11. Make time for Scrapbooking – Not only do I have a ton of great pictures to scrapbook, I also love how relaxing it is. I am going to go to at least one crop every two months, and try to make time during the day to do some at home.

Have you established your goals? Have you actually written them down? What are they and how do you stay accountable?  I’d love to hear what you are working towards and how you stay on track.