5 Days of Fun and Fitness

For the last little while I have been writing about how busy my life was getting as I prepared for a presentation I was giving at the OFSAA Women’s Sports School Conference and also my BodyAttack Training weekend.

Well, they have both come and gone, and I am proud to say, I survived both!

The conference ran last Thursday and Friday, but because I was on the organizing committee, I had to be there to get things set up a day early. This year was the 5th time I have organized the annual OFSAA Conference, which alternates between The Women’s Sports School and The Coaching Symposium – which is a very similar conference except the focus is geared more towards coaching high school sports than teaching them, and it is co-ed, as opposed to women’s only.

Here is a picture of this years committee:


We also had a few student helpers and one of the girls brought her mother-in-law to help as well. They were awesome!


On Friday afternoon I taught two TRX Suspension Training sessions. Overall, I think they went pretty well, I received lots of positive feedback, and everyone had fun and got a great workout. Here are some pictures from my sessions.





Another successful OFSAA Conference in the books! Super fun as usual!!

So, with the conference out of the way, I finally had a bit of time to get organized for my BodyAttack Training. I had a bit of practicing to do after the kids were in bed on Friday night, but, unfortunately I was running a little low on energy after a busy two days and two TRX workouts, so there wasn’t a whole lot off practicing going on!

Saturday morning I was up early and headed to Brampton for my training. I was super excited and nervous at the same time.


The training started off with Fred – our instructor – leading us through the current release, BodyAttack 76. Being the first workout of the weekend, and wanting to impress the instructor, we all pushed ourselves to the max and had a great first workout!

Can you say S.W.E.A.T.Y.!!!


After a little lunch and some theory, we were back at it…this time we went through the release track by track and broke down all the moves. It was time to start perfecting out technique! Although not quite as intense as the first workout, there is really no way that BodyAttack isn’t intense!

Here is a picture after round 2…still smiling!


After some more theory, it was time for fitness testing. We did the Beep Test, a push-up test, abdominal crunch test, and a flexibility test. Overall I didn’t do too bad…

That was it for Saturday! Yay! Time to get home and spend a bit of time with the fam before collapsing from exhaustion!

Sunday morning started out the same as Saturday, but with the trainees teaching and Fred videotaping and evaluating our performance. I was assigned track 7 (the agility track) to shadow, and track 9 (the power track) to teach on my own. Unfortunately, track 9 is the last cardio track in the workout, so by the time I had to go, I was already pretty tired. To my surprise, things went pretty well. Aside from forgetting to give the low options, I remembered all of the choreography and was only given a couple of things to work on for next time – next time being later that same day! YIKES!

Can you say T.I.R.E.D and S.W.E.A.T.Y.!!!


After our morning workout, we had a chance to rest as we watched ourselves on video and did a bit more theory. Following that, it was time to do the fitness circuit – I had heard bad things about this circuit, and it totally lived up to them! 5 stations, 3 BodyAttack specific movements per station, one minute per movement – all done twice. This workout was killer! And to top it all off, Fred led us through two cardio tracks immediately after the last station. I honestly felt like I was going to puke. So much so, that I couldn’t even eat my lunch 😦

Poor Erin!

At least we had a chance to rest before teaching to our peers for a second time.

This time was definitely easier…could have been the fact that I totally slacked off during everyone else’s tracks and chose the low options ALL the time, or maybe it was the fact that I was a little less nervous, or possibly because I remembered to give the low options this time…anyways…I improved on the the things I needed to work on, and delivered a pretty good workout to my fellow trainees πŸ™‚


Yay! I survived BodyAttack Training, and had fun while doing it! Not only that, but I met a great group of people too!


Here is one last picture…its of me and Fred – he is awesome! The best instructor ever! Thanks for everything! You rock!


So, that’s it! 5 days of fun and fitness! I’m definitely looking forward to a little down time!


2 responses to “5 Days of Fun and Fitness

  1. You are a schweaty minx, and I can’t believe you survived two days of training after the Women’s Sport School. I was DONE by the end of Friday, just exhausted.
    As fun as this year was though, last year’s committee was my favourite!
    And I have to say, you have sold me on BodyAttack. I really need to try it out.

    • happierhealthiermorefitme

      πŸ™‚ Thanks Lindsey! I’m definitely still recovering from the week and weekend! Actually just woke up from a nap πŸ™‚ hehehe!

      Definitely give Attack a try…you will LOVE it!

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