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Three (+1) Things Thursday – Isagenix Update

So, I’m on day 4 of the 30 day Isagenix Cleanse and…

1. I’m feeling awesome! I have not had a headache since I started, I’m falling asleep easy and staying asleep, and apart from Day 1, my energy has been great!

2. Yesterday was my first Cleanse Day. It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. I’m not so good at not eating so I wasn’t quite sure how I would make it through the day without at least one solid meal. But, it really wasn’t that difficult. There were a few points throughout the day where I was hungry, but it was either time for the Cleanse drink or a snack, so my hunger didn’t last long.

And get a hold of this… while putting together Easter treat bags for my kids to take to daycare, I didn’t even have one treat! Seriously, if you know me at all, you probably won’t believe it, but it’s true! I may actually be developing my weakest muscle!

3. I hate the taste of the Ionix Supreme, but other than that, stuff tastes pretty good! I’ve had both the chocolate and vanilla shakes, the IsaSnacks, and the IsaDelights. I have yet to try any of the bars sample bars sent with my order, but, I’ve heard they’re pretty good 🙂

4. I’m going to be doing a double workout at the gym tonight – BodyShred and BodyAttack. I will be eating my dinner beforehand, so I’m thinking I should have enough energy to go full on in both classes. This will be my first intense workout since starting the cleanse – I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone tried Isagenix?

What about GoodLife’s newest group ex program – Gillian Michael’s BodyShred?

I’d love to hear about your experience!



Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the long weekend!

easter 3

Motivational Monday – You Can Do This!


30 Days to a (C)Leaner Me

So, as I mentioned Friday, I had a plan to help me out of my little funk.

I have a plan to improve my energy level.
I have a plan to improve my sleep quality.
I have a plan to help decrease my stress level.
I have a plan to help me kick my sugar addiction.
I have a plan to improve my digestion.
I have a plan to help build and tone my muscles.

So now you must be wondering…What’s the plan?

Well, tomorrow I will be starting the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System.


Ever heard of it?

Isagenix is a brand of health and wellness supplements that center around the concept of nutritional cleansing. Their products help your body cleanse itself of impurities and toxins, but then it replenishes and floods your body with good nutrients that allows your body to rebuild healthy cells.

Specifically the 30 Day System is made up of 26 Shake Days and 4 Cleanse Days. It is recommended to have 1 cleanse day per week. They’ve provided a schedule for each of the days to help with timing of meals and snacks, they are set up like this:


I will be having shakes for breakfast and lunch and enjoying my 400-600 calorie meal as my dinner.

I am super excited to get stated on this program. I’ve been feeling so run down and blah lately that I’m looking forward to clearing my body of all the toxins and feeling energized! I’ve never done a cleanse before and am a little nervous about being able to last a full day without eating. But, after speaking with my coach about the snack/support options for those days, I’m feeling more confident. There are quite a few energy boosting snack options for those days, and I’ve heard the IsaDelights are delicious!

I will be sharing my Isagenix experience with you over the next 30 days so check back often and see how things are going! I may need some extra support on those cleanse days!

I’m off to firm up my calendar and set my cleanse days. Gotta sort out my workouts and plan around a weekend away with my hockey friends. Only planning for 1 meal a day is going to be super easy and make for a cheap grocery bill! Love it!

Have you tried Isagenix? What did you think?
Any cleanse day tips?

Three Things Thursday Friday.

Yep, I’m behind once again on my usual posts, but as they like to say….better late than never! Here’s what’s happening…

1. I’m totally feeling like I’m in a funk! I’m feeling tired and run down which is pretty much affecting every other aspect if my life. I’m not eating well, I’m not working out regularly, I’m not sleeping well, I’m lacking energy, I’ve had a headache every day for the past week and overall, I’m feeling pretty unmotivated. I hate it!

2. Now that my little rant is over, I am happy to say that I have a plan! I’m not going to share it with you just yet, but I’m pretty sure there is going to be something amazing waiting at my front door when I get home from work today. I will be checking things out over the weekend, and starting my quest for better health on Monday. Stay tuned for more details. I’m super excited! You should be too!

3. It’s the weekend! Woohoo! I am so looking forward to catching up on a few tv shows I’ve missed, reading, making some healthy meals and getting myself back on track!


Have a good one!


Motivational Monday – It’s up to You!


Three Things Thursday – March Break Edition!

So, once again, I’m a little late with my post, but we have been super busy enjoying some March Break fun! Here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to:

1. Check, check and (hopefully) check! We’ve almost done everything we were hoping to do over March Break and even a little extra! We’ve been to Kitchener to visit my sister and her boys, we’ve been to the Maple Syrup Festival, we’ve moved all the toys to the basement and created a nice playroom for the kids, Ryan had her friend Lauren over for a playdate, and tonight we are having more friends over for dinner and to hang out. I’ve also been to the gym a few times, and if we’re lucky, we might make it to the zoo before the weekend is over! Isn’t this a cute picture!


2. We’re looking for a new car – well, actually an SUV. We need some sort of 7-seater so that we have room to carry extra people. Right now, with the two carseats in the back there isn’t room for even the tiniest person to squeeze between them 😦 We are considering the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder,  Ford Explorer,  Chevy Traverse and the Mitsubishi Outlander….

Any recommendations?

3. One thing I haven’t been doing is running 😦 And I just realized today, that the Toronto GoodLife Half Marathon is only 7 weeks away! YIKES! I better get moving!

I’ve made a calendar and have planned all my runs (and a few workouts) between now and race day – its pretty jammed packed and doesn’t include workouts to be done with my classes at work! I hope I can swing it!

I’ve had to abandon my original plan and move onto something a little less intense – I don’t feel as though I have done enough running to be running an 8km tempo run and a 17km long run this week! So, I’ve back things off a bit and feel like I will have a good run if I commit to these workouts. I will post my modified schedule once I figure out how to make it fit on the page!

What’s the least amount of time you have trained for a half marathon in, and still done well? I’m thinking 7 weeks might be cutting it a bit tight!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I look forward to reading your comments 🙂


Motivational Monday – Create Your Future!


Three Things Thursday!

1. March Break is almost here!


I am so looking forward to March Break! Although I would love to be spending the week on a warm, sunny beach somewhere in the Caribbean, we will instead be hanging out a home doing a few day trips and getting a little R and R.

So far on our agenda is:

– a trip to the Toronto Zoo

– a visit with my sister and her kids in Kitchener

– a morning at the Maple Syrup Festival in Stouffville

Other than that, I’m thinking a little baking, a little craft making and a whole lot of just relaxing!

2. Last night I made Oven Baked Chicken Parmesan from the March 2013 issue of Clean Eating Magazine. As you may remember, one of my goals for 2013 is to try one new Clean Eating recipe each week – this one was another hit – my husband actually said I was the best chicken parm he’s ever had! That’s a huge compliment… Way to go CE Magazine!


3. Sugar Shock! The World Health Organization suggests that no more than 10 percent of your total daily calories come from added sugar. The American Heart Association recommends that women eat less than six teaspoons of added sugar every day, and that men should not eat more than nine teaspoons of added sugar. That’s about 100 and 150 calories for women and men, respectively. (Source)

I saw this info graphic posted on Facebook and thought, holy crap, I’m over my sugar limit just in consuming fruit each day!


I pretty much have a glass of OJ with my breakfast (6 tsp), an apple (6 tsp) and a banana (4.5 tsp) each day. That alone is 16.5 tsp (at 15 calories per) that’s just over 247 calories or about 14.5 % of my daily calorie consumption.

And if you add in my usual daily treat – either a a can of Coke (10 tsp), a Starbucks Chai Latte (10.5 tsp), or a handful of sour candies (7 tsp) or peanut m&m’s (6.5 tsp) I’m ridiculously over!

I don’t feel guilty about consuming natural sugars (those in fruit and dairy), but I definitely need to cut out that extra stuff!

Stay tuned for an upcoming Sugar Strike Challenge!

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

So, yesterday was my 1 year blogiversary! Yay! So fun!


Here’s a little summary of the first year of Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me…

… 281 posts



… And 4 blog awards


I’d have to say, that for the most part I have loved blogging. Some days finding the time or coming up with content has been difficult, but looking back at some of my posts, really makes it all worth it!

I love that my blog is a source of motivation, and that I have been able to noire others to live happier, healthier lives.

Thanks for a great first year, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead!

Motivational Monday – YOU are Enough!