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This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #5

The Freezer Club by Looking For The Sweet Spot. Why not start your own Freezer Club? Gather a group of friends, plan a menu, each prepare one meal and walk away with freezer full of delicious and nutritious meals… Sounds awesome to me!

Cashew Chip Cookies by Ingredients of a Fit Chick. These cookies look amazing…will be baking them this week for sure!

12 Salads Worse Than A Big Mac by Slimming Down. Thinking of ordering a salad next time you are out for lunch or dinner? You might want to reconsider when you find out just how unhealthy they can be!

10 Tips for a Healthier, Happier You by The Dietitian Dishes. Here are 10 pretty simple things you can do to better your health and improve your diet lifestyle.

31 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy by The Magic Herb. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for an energy boost. Why not give one or two (or more) of these 31 suggestions a try!

12 Ideas to Keep You Motivated to go Running by FitnessNOW for Dummies. As I get back into running and start training for The Niagara Falls International Half Marathon, staying motivated and committing to the training program will be much easier if I remember these 12 tips. Happy running!

This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #4

Here are some of my favourite posts over the past week (and a bit). Enjoy!

Clean Eating is NOT a Diet – It’s a Lifestyle Choice by CTRU Fitness

The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet posted by Bianca Spicer Wellness

Breakfast Pizza by train lean.think clean.

Random Food Thoughts by garagegym107

100 Healthy Snack Ideas by Olivia’s Fitness Journal

Amazing 4 Minute Workout by change. one day at a time

Chilled Chocolate Chai by Oh She Glows

Tasty, tasty by Fashtastic

This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #3

Check out some of my favourite posts this week! Hope you enjoy,

Never Again Grace Elizabeth by my pursuit of happiness and skinny jeans
This video is hilarious!

My Workout “Beast-Mode” Playlist by cinnamon&smoke
This playlist is awesome!

My Vows by The Death of Diets
Definitely words to live by!

The Benefits of Eating…Blueberries by It’s Progression Not Perfection
This is the latest in a series of post about the benefits of eating certain foods.. Other BofE posts include bananas, bleak beans, spinach…and more…

The 1000 Rep Workout by Fit Butt Fabulous.
Looking for a workout that just might kill you….I’d say this is it!

Share the Wealth by Little Runner Girl
This is everything you need to know to get started on healthy eating…grocery list, meal plan, recipes…it’s all there!

This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #2

Here are links to some of the great posts I’ve read this week. Click on the thumbnail and read away! Enjoy!

1. Benefits of Coconut Oil by NaturalFemina
Coconut Oil seems to be where it’s a these days…check out this post to find out why.



2. Pick Your Workout by megsonthemove
This is a fun and creative way to mix up you workouts.




3. 5 Rules for Sleeping Well Naturally by
Trouble sleeping? Find natural ways to improve your sleep here.



4. Why are my cravings more complicated than I am? By Healthy Living, One Meal at a Time
Cravings are your bodies way of telling you something is missing in your diet. Find out how to get what you need and banish those cravings for good!



5. 5 Ways to Fire Up Your Metabolism by raising the barre
Burn more calories….hello!




6. I Workout…by Little Runner Girl
Need a little motivation…check this out!


This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged

So I’ve decided that once a week I will reblog some of the great posts i’ve come across over the past week. Everyday I read soooo many awesome posts that I thought it would be a great idea to share them with my readers. Hope you enjoy! Just clink on the thumbnail to go to the post.

1. Eat The Rainbow – by Berry, Berry Happy
This is a great post outlining what fruits and veggies you should be eating and their benefits.



2. 3 Superfoods, 3 Ways – by haute + healthy
Not sure what to do with those Chia Seeds you’ve been hearing so much about lately…find out here!



3. 11 Ways to Increase Energy – by Genuine Joy
Need an energy boost? Here are 11 natural ways to get it!




4. Portion Size by thepickyrabbit
A great guide to help you better understand portion size by just using your hands.



5. Glorious Superfoods – by mokshafrika
A great list of superfoods and their benefits.




6. The Dirty Dozen, When to Buy Organic by Healthy Runner Wife
Not sure if its worth the money to buy organic? Check out this list of fruits and veggies to see which ones have the highest levels of pesticides and where to spend your money.


7. Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods by Living Well
Find out which 10 foods you should eat and why to slow down the aging process.



8. Just Ate, Still Hungry??? by Skinny Fat to Sexy Fit
Wondering why you’re still hungry after you have just eaten? Check out this list of possible reasons.



9. Useful Sticker Info by Run the Walk
I thought this was kinda neat…had no idea!




10. Pike Planks by Cheddar & Burpees
Looking for a killer ab exercise to add to your workout…well this is it!

88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories

I saw this post this morning, and just had to share! So many quick, easy and delicious snacks!