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Three Things Thursday! What A Week!

This has been a crazy week, super busy, but full of awesome!

1. Hubby and I just booked a vacation (sans kids) to Mexico…and we’re leaving in just 2 weeks! WooHoo! I’m super excited to be going on a much needed holiday – but have very mixed feelings about going without the kids.


2. Halloween was great! Ryan, Tanner and I went Trick or Treating last night, and although Ryan was not too keen on it at first, after a few houses she didn’t want to go home! I’d say her first Trick or Treating experience was a good one! Check out my cute little bee’s!!

Kids Halloween Photos

3. As a way to help me avoid my usual Halloween candy binge, I joined BeFitWithKristen in her Halloween Burpees Challenge. It works like this…for every piece of Halloween candy I eat between last Monday and November 7th, I need to do 10 burpees. Now, I know you’re probably saying, as if she actually does them, but I honestly have! For the last 4 days, I’ve done 30 buprees a day – which, if you know me at all, eating only 3 pieces of Halloween candy a day is a HUGE accomplishment. I can honestly say in the past, I would eat at least, at least, 15 pieces of candy in a day. Easily.

Is it the burpees? Am I actually developing my weakest muscle? Maybe its the fact that I will be wearing a bikini in two weeks….Whatever it is, I’m super impressed with myself!

How was your week? Did your little one’s enjoy Trick or Treating? Are you keeping your candy cravings in check?

Motivational Monday – Halloween Challenge!

With Halloween only a couple of days away, the temptation to dig into those mini chocolate bars and sweet treats is building. If you are anything like me, you have trouble stopping at just one or two.

So, to help me get through Halloween without totally tipping the scales, I’ve decided to do join Kristen (befitwithkristen.com) in her Halloween Burpees Challenge.


So, starting today, for every piece of candy I eat, I will be doing 10 burpees. I will be tweeting about my candy consumption for everyone to see at #EarnedMyTreat

Why not join me?

And for those of us with serious candy issues, here are a couple of tips to help minimize the binge!

1. Don’t buy your candy until the last possible minute and for extra insurance, buy the candy you don’t like!

2. Set a candy limit – allow yourself 1,2, maybe even 3 pieces of candy a day and think about when you would like eat them so you are sure to really enjoy them.

3. Save your wrappers – whether you keep them in a glass jar or a ziploc bag, having a visual representation of the amount of candy you are putting into your body is a huge eye-opener. Keeping that jar or ziploc in site might make you think twice about reaching for another piece.

4. Figure out how much exercise you need to do to burn off that piece of candy. Is that mini chocolate bar (80 calories) actually worth walking for 22 minutes? (source).

5. Get rid of the extras! Once trick-or-treating is over, give it to a neighbour, take it to work, or throw it out!

Well, I’m off to do 20 burpees – thank goodness the leftovers from the daycare treat bags are almost gone. I’m not buying anymore until Wednesday afternoon!


How do you avoid the Halloween binge?
Are you going to join me in the Halloween Burpees Challenge?