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Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #14 – Stop Complaining Already!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Let’s get at it!


Go the whole day WITHOUT complaining!


We all complain. We complain to our families, friends, co-workers, customer service representatives, and even strangers. But what many of us don’t realize is that complaining can have a negative impact on our mental health. Studies have shown that excessive complaining can lead to anxiety, depression and even more stress.

Let’s take a moment and consider all the things we might complain about on any given day – the weather, traffic, your spouse, your kids, your job, your friends, your clothes, your hair, how much money you don’t have, the service you received somewhere….the list goes on and on!

Sometimes we complain just to get things off of our chest (which allows us to be able to move on) and this is ok, but how often does complaining actually get us the results we want? Rather than telling everyone and anyone of your dissatisfaction, why not put that time and energy into actually trying to solve the problem!

It’s time to consider…are things really that bad?



It’s easy(ish) – just don’t complain today! I totally get that this might be difficult, and for some, even impossible, but it’s time to make a change!

If it isn’t positive, don’t say it!

Try and keep track of how much complaining you do. Every time you, or someone else, catches you complaining today, put an elastic band around your wrist or a paper clip in your pocket. Make a mental note of – or actually jot down – what it was you were complaining about. Is it worth the time and energy? What about the added stress? Is your complaining actually improving the situation, it’s outcome or result?

Check on your progress a couple of times – maybe at lunch, then again at the end of the workday and once more before bed. Check back on what it was that you actually complained about, and use his information to help you complain a little less tomorrow, and maybe been a little less the day after that! If you can, try to avoid or limit your exposure to these things.

For some great strategies to help you complain less, check out this article by Elizabeth Scott. She gives some great strategies to help you cut down on the complaining!


Let me know how you did! Share you thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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