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30 Days to a (C)Leaner Me

So, as I mentioned Friday, I had a plan to help me out of my little funk.

I have a plan to improve my energy level.
I have a plan to improve my sleep quality.
I have a plan to help decrease my stress level.
I have a plan to help me kick my sugar addiction.
I have a plan to improve my digestion.
I have a plan to help build and tone my muscles.

So now you must be wondering…What’s the plan?

Well, tomorrow I will be starting the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System.


Ever heard of it?

Isagenix is a brand of health and wellness supplements that center around the concept of nutritional cleansing. Their products help your body cleanse itself of impurities and toxins, but then it replenishes and floods your body with good nutrients that allows your body to rebuild healthy cells.

Specifically the 30 Day System is made up of 26 Shake Days and 4 Cleanse Days. It is recommended to have 1 cleanse day per week. They’ve provided a schedule for each of the days to help with timing of meals and snacks, they are set up like this:


I will be having shakes for breakfast and lunch and enjoying my 400-600 calorie meal as my dinner.

I am super excited to get stated on this program. I’ve been feeling so run down and blah lately that I’m looking forward to clearing my body of all the toxins and feeling energized! I’ve never done a cleanse before and am a little nervous about being able to last a full day without eating. But, after speaking with my coach about the snack/support options for those days, I’m feeling more confident. There are quite a few energy boosting snack options for those days, and I’ve heard the IsaDelights are delicious!

I will be sharing my Isagenix experience with you over the next 30 days so check back often and see how things are going! I may need some extra support on those cleanse days!

I’m off to firm up my calendar and set my cleanse days. Gotta sort out my workouts and plan around a weekend away with my hockey friends. Only planning for 1 meal a day is going to be super easy and make for a cheap grocery bill! Love it!

Have you tried Isagenix? What did you think?
Any cleanse day tips?