Three Things Thursday Friday.

Yep, I’m behind once again on my usual posts, but as they like to say….better late than never! Here’s what’s happening…

1. I’m totally feeling like I’m in a funk! I’m feeling tired and run down which is pretty much affecting every other aspect if my life. I’m not eating well, I’m not working out regularly, I’m not sleeping well, I’m lacking energy, I’ve had a headache every day for the past week and overall, I’m feeling pretty unmotivated. I hate it!

2. Now that my little rant is over, I am happy to say that I have a plan! I’m not going to share it with you just yet, but I’m pretty sure there is going to be something amazing waiting at my front door when I get home from work today. I will be checking things out over the weekend, and starting my quest for better health on Monday. Stay tuned for more details. I’m super excited! You should be too!

3. It’s the weekend! Woohoo! I am so looking forward to catching up on a few tv shows I’ve missed, reading, making some healthy meals and getting myself back on track!


Have a good one!

2 responses to “Three Things Thursday Friday.

  1. I have to wonder if it was the slip back into winter with the weather, I had a similar funk.

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