Three Things Thursday – My Winter Workout Plans

1. I’ve decided to take the Winter 100 Challenge hosted by Kristen at The Running Mom. The challenge is to run (or walk) 100 miles – 161 km – between December 1st and February 28th. Since I normally slack off in the running department over the winter, I’m hoping that participating in this challenge will keep me on track. I’m heading back to work in just over a week, which means I will be running regularly with my fitness classes and I hope to get in a couple of RUNches each week (thanks Janice for that awesome word, love it!). Interested in learning more about the challenge – click here!

2. This past week I tried RPM, a spinning class offered at GoodLife Fitness and I absolutely LOVED it! The workout was amazing – I sweat so much I actually left a puddle under my bike – crazy! So, my plan is to try and get to at least one, hopefully two RPM classes a week. There are two gyms in my area that offer this class so finding classes that fits my schedule shouldn’t be a problem…and as an added bonus, I think I might be able to hit up a class or two on my lunch!


3. I am also going to try and and hot yoga to my workout routine. I’m thinking that once a week is reasonable, since I will most likely have to get a babysitter to go. I’ve never done hot yoga, actually, I’ve never really done yoga, but I’m thinking that it will be a nice addition to my workout plan – especially since stretching is pretty much NOT a part of that plan right now 😦

aurora hot yoga

Ya, so, that’s my plan. Stay tuned for updates on my progress 🙂
What are your Winter Workout Plans?

7 responses to “Three Things Thursday – My Winter Workout Plans

  1. I love RPM! I agree about the puddle of sweat on the floor….I call it liquid awesomeness! I need to get my running miles back up following an injury so the Winter 100 challenge sounds perfect! I’ve been trying to hit a couple yoga classes at the gym but it’s not something I particularly love. I also try to go to 2-3 BodyPump classes at the gym….that’s a great total body workout.

  2. That sounds like a great challenge! I’m doing the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, put on by Run to the Finish. My plan is to use a Groupon I got for unlimited classes to Kosama, and work on some speed/interval training runs, since I won’t be officially training for another race until the end of December.

    Enjoy hot yoga! I’ve tried a few semi-hot classes, and those were enough for me 🙂 But I’ve never been one who likes to be warm!

  3. Love spin! Try the all terrain if they offer it too. And riding in front of the fan helps with the puddle

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