Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day til the weekend, and it’s a long weekend for us Ontarian’s! Woohoo! Here’s what’s happening this week:

1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day usually isn’t a big deal at our house, but since my husband will not be home from work before the kids go to bed we started today off with a bit of a party!

The kids opened little gifts.


We organized valentines for our daycare friends.


And we had cake for breakfast!


It was super fun and a great way to start the day!

My husband actually got me roses this year, which was a huge surprise. Not only are they beautiful, but they are surrounded by a 6 pack of corona and chocolate – seriously, could it get any better!


2. I tried hot yoga yesterday for the first time!It was difficult, but I loved it! I was hoping my first lass would be a Gentle Yoga class, but it turned out it was a Hot Flow. Since I’ve haven’t really done yoga before I wasn’t sure what all the poses were and when we were suppose to have out eyes closed I was always peeking to see what I was suppose to be doing 🙂 hehehe!

3. I’m going to we BON JOVI on Sunday night, and I’m so excited! I absolutely love Bon Jovi – he is so frighten hot! And his music is pretty good too!

I’m going with a group of girlfriends who I don’t get to see as often as I would like, so it’s going to be fun to catch up over dinner, rock on at the concert and then we are all spending the night at one of the girls parents house who are out if town for the weekend. These girls are so much fun, I can hardly wait to see what the night brings!


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  1. Say hello to my fellow Jersey boy!

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