4 Week Progress Report

Well, it’s been 4 weeks since I decided to get my act together and become a Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me. Let’s take a look at exactly how I’m doing according to the goals I set almost one month ago.

Goal #1 – My Pre-pregnancy Body Back – well, so far I have lost 5 pounds and have definitely noticed a difference in my shape. I still can’t fit into my favorite pair of Citizens, but I will definitely get there by the end of June (hopefully sooner)!

Goal #2 – Run a Two Hour Half Marathon – the race is not for another 8 weeks, but I did 22 of 23 scheduled workouts in the month of March. As great as that is, it’s too much for me to maintain. Since starting the Skinny Jeans Challenge on March 19th, I have worked out 13 of 14 days. I definitely need to change up my training schedule to allow for at least one day rest a week. My plan is to have that sorted out by this coming weekend.

Goal #3 – Improve my Upper Body Strength – I have noticed a bit of an improvement in this area, but really had nothing concrete to measure against. But I do now….last Monday at our  Skinny Jeans workout we did some fitness tests, one of which was a push-up test. I did 20 full body and 20 modified push-ups in one minute. Not too bad, but definitely room for improvement! I’m not sure if we are re-testing at the 7 week mark or just at the end of the 14 weeks, but I’m hoping for some big improvement!

Goal #4 – Try Hot Yoga – So far I have not had the chance to get to a hot yoga class. My husband is rarely home in the evenings which means I can’t go since I’m still a little nervous to leave my 3 month old with a sitter, especially around bed time 😦 I’m definitely going next time my husband is home on a Thursday night!

Goal #5 – Eat Clean – I actually am pretty impressed with how much clean eating I have done! I don’t really like to cook, but have made quite a few clean meals and snacks to date: Spinach and Turkey Sausage Pizza, Tilapia Stuffed Manicotti, Eat Clean Pancakes, Crockpot Oatmeal, Eat Clean Chocolate Hazelnut Crispy Squares, Bake-Ahead Breakfast Quiche, Skinny Coconut Cupcakes, and dinner tonight was Mediterranean Vegetable, Bean, Feta and Penne. My goal is to make at least 2, but hopefully 3 clean meals a week – which when you consider the leftovers, will pretty much get me through the week.

Goal #6 – Limit the Amount of Junk Food I Eat – I’m definitely struggling with this goal. I seem to do okay most days but there is plenty of room for improvement. Again, as long as I don’t bring it into the house I’m okay, and I’m getting better at saying no when my husband has treats.

Goal #7 – Limit my Chai Lattes to one a Week – I’m actually doing quite well with this goal. I think I’ve only had two in the past 4 weeks 🙂

Goal #8 – De-Clutter – I started off pretty good with this one…de-cluttered my car the first week and cleaned out our storage closet the second week. Unfortunately that’s where it ended 😦 So, to get back on track I’m going to lay out this months projects: 1. (not entirely clutter related, but something I’ve been meaning to do for months) Finish painting my son’s room. Before he was born we painted a jungle themed room, but we left the elephant untouched with the idea of painting it blue if our baby was a boy, or pink if it was a girl. Well, Tanner is now 12 weeks old and we still need to paint the elephant blue. Check out the pictures below, it’s a pretty awesome room!  2. Clean out the kids toys – Our living room seems to be taken over by toys, and now that we have somewhat made the basement into a play area, I need to put most toys down there and start using that space! 3. Sort through my clothes and give away those that don’t fit or that I don’t wear. 4. Go through our deep freeze and actually see what we have in there! I’m sure there are some yummy meals just waiting to be eaten!

Goal #9 – Read More – So far I have read three and a half books. I’ve finished the Hunger Games series and have read most of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (which I totally recommend if your kids are great sleepers). And I’ve just started The Help.

Goal #10 – Save Money – One thing that has really helped with this one is planning my meals. Before going shopping I sit down and figure out what I’m going to make for the week and only buy what we need. We are definitely eating better and wasting less.

Goal # 11 – Make time for Scrapbooking – I just had a day of scrapbooking this past Saturday and I’m hoping to have another day on April 21st. Since I now have an idea of what I want to do with my son’s album, I’m hoping to get a couple of pages done each week at home.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with where I’m at. I have definitely made progress with most of my goals and know what I need to do to get on track with the others. I will be back to update my progress at the 8 week mark. Stay tuned!

Have you outlined your goals yet? What progress have you made? Do you have a plan to keep you on track and help you be successful? I’d love to hear how your  journey is going!

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