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Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #3 – Put an End to Portion Distortion!

So, how did meal planning go yesterday? Are you all set for the week?

We are, and I’m super pumped about it! I’m feeling really good about getting back on track with Clean Eating!

Now that we’ve made a plan and we have our meals and snacks set for the week, it’s time to talk portion control!

Over the past 20-30 years, portion size has become greatly distorted. Let’s take a quick look at just how much bigger our servings have gotten.


Now lets look at it another way – let’s compare how much we are eating to how much we should be eating…




It’s time to pay attention to portion size!


Not only are the majority of the portions we are served at restaurants and fast foods places larger than they should be, but we are actually underestimating our portions at home too. Our busy lifestyles don’t leave us much time to measure and weigh our pasta dinner, our breakfast cereal or the chips we have for snack, and its causing us to eat and additional 100-200 calories per meal. This might explain where those mystery pounds came from!


Since most of us are not going to go out and but a food scale or bring our measuring cups with us when we go out for dinner, its time to learn how to estimate portion size. Here’s a handy little infographic comparing serving size to everyday items – print it off and keep it handy!


Now, let’s take a quick look Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. How many servings of each of the food groups should you be eating? And how many servings are you actually eating?


So, now that you are more aware of what an actual serving of meat/bread/berries is, let’s take that knowledge and put it to use. For the next few days I want you to keep track of how much you are eating. Pay attention to portion size and see how it compares to the recommended number of serving suggested in the food guide.

And if you’re looking for more great tips on how to become more portion aware, click here.

Are you surprised at all at what constitutes a serving? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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