This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #2

Here are links to some of the great posts I’ve read this week. Click on the thumbnail and read away! Enjoy!

1. Benefits of Coconut Oil by NaturalFemina
Coconut Oil seems to be where it’s a these days…check out this post to find out why.



2. Pick Your Workout by megsonthemove
This is a fun and creative way to mix up you workouts.




3. 5 Rules for Sleeping Well Naturally by
Trouble sleeping? Find natural ways to improve your sleep here.



4. Why are my cravings more complicated than I am? By Healthy Living, One Meal at a Time
Cravings are your bodies way of telling you something is missing in your diet. Find out how to get what you need and banish those cravings for good!



5. 5 Ways to Fire Up Your Metabolism by raising the barre
Burn more calories….hello!




6. I Workout…by Little Runner Girl
Need a little motivation…check this out!


2 responses to “This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #2

  1. Thanks for the repost! I appreciate it! Been reading over your blog..great thoughts and ideas!

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