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Three Things Thursday!

So far this week has been pretty awesome! Here are some highlights…

1. I’m back at the gym full force! I have been to two BodyAttack classes and will be going back again tonight! Although I’m totally out of shape (7+ weeks in a boot cast will do that to you) my cardio is improving every day – which is a good thing cause I’m going to start back team teaching on Tuesday. Super pumped!

2. Ryan is potty trained…Well, almost! She has not has an accident at home since Sunday, there were a few accidents at daycare on Tuesday and less on Wednesday. Every day is getting better!

On advice from my girlfriend Nikki, I put the potty in Ryan’s room overnight, and to my surprise, she used it by herself the first night…twice…once before she fell asleep (she called me in to empty it – and of course, do the potty dance) and again in the morning when she woke up! She also used it again last night…woke with a dry pull-up!

I’m super impressed with how well she is doing. Having only one in diapers is great for the budget!

3. I’m back on track with my clean eating! Yay! I realized I’ve been using some pretty lame excuses as to why I have not been eating well lately (too busy…too tired…its too much work…) and finally decided enough was enough. So, Tuesday I made a Clean Pesto Pasta dish (thanks Kimmy for the recipe) and yesterday I made Eat Clean Turkey and Spinach Pizza. Both were delicious and made enough for leftover for lunch the next day.


My half of the pizza is on the right…less cheese and no sauce 🙂

This afternoon I am making two Clean treats – Cashew Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Backpack Kisses. Yummo!

Happy Thursday everyone!

This Weeks Favourites – Reblogged #5

The Freezer Club by Looking For The Sweet Spot. Why not start your own Freezer Club? Gather a group of friends, plan a menu, each prepare one meal and walk away with freezer full of delicious and nutritious meals… Sounds awesome to me!

Cashew Chip Cookies by Ingredients of a Fit Chick. These cookies look amazing…will be baking them this week for sure!

12 Salads Worse Than A Big Mac by Slimming Down. Thinking of ordering a salad next time you are out for lunch or dinner? You might want to reconsider when you find out just how unhealthy they can be!

10 Tips for a Healthier, Happier You by The Dietitian Dishes. Here are 10 pretty simple things you can do to better your health and improve your diet lifestyle.

31 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy by The Magic Herb. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for an energy boost. Why not give one or two (or more) of these 31 suggestions a try!

12 Ideas to Keep You Motivated to go Running by FitnessNOW for Dummies. As I get back into running and start training for The Niagara Falls International Half Marathon, staying motivated and committing to the training program will be much easier if I remember these 12 tips. Happy running!