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Friday Favourites #2

Happy Friday! Hope you have had a great week! I am sooo looking forward to the weekend! It’s going to be another busy one, but i’m hoping for at least a little down time!

For this weeks Friday Favourites I wanted to share with you three of my favourite workout websites. If you are anything like me and love variety and trying new workouts, check out these sites!

My sister recently introduced me to FITNESS BLENDER – a free website that has a ton of workouts to choose from.


• They have a variety of full length workout videos for all fitness levels – including (but not limited to) pilates, strength training, tabata and cardio – its like having your own personal trainer to keep you moving and motivated!
• They also have a ton of printable workouts for those who are already familiar with the exercises, but might not be so sure how to put them together into a great workout.
• Most of these workouts are quick but really get your heart pumping and your muscles burning!
• Workouts can be done at home or the gym.

A few of my favourites Fitness Blender workouts are:

The 1000 Rep Workout

Another favourite of mine is TONE IT UP – another free website with plenty of workouts, nutrition tips and recipes.


• Karena and Katrina provide you with a monthly workout plan with access to all scheduled workouts, which is awesome if you like to follow a schedule and/or you are not of sure how to properly plan your workouts.
• Most of the workouts are available as a video (so you can follow along) or in printable form if you are familiar with the exercises and/or you’d rather go a your own pace.
• There are muscle specific and full body workout options

A few of my favourite Tone it Up workouts are:


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And another great place to find workout ideas is PINTEREST, an online pinboard where users share their favourite things – including workouts! All you have to do is type in your search and bam, hundreds of workouts at your fingertips! To follow me on Pinterest click here.




What are your favourite websites to get workout ideas?