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My First Official Workout & Tanner is 2 months old!

Although I’ve been running for about 3 weeks now, today marks the official beginning of my Half Marathon Training in my journey towards a Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me!

My training schedule called for a 4 mile run to be done at race pace.  Despite being awake for a few hours in the middle of the night (after feeding my son), being sore and tired from Sundays Body Attack, and feeling like I’m coming down with a cold, I started my day at the gym and jumped on the treadmill. This workout required some serious internal motivation – I did not feel like running today, and definitely did not feel like doing a fast-for-me 4 miles! I’m not going to lie, I wanted to quit the whole time!!!

But, I did it! Just over 41 minutes later I was done my run! And, honestly, I felt pretty good afterwards. Partially because I’d just run 4 miles, but more because I pushed through the pain and lack of motivation, and in the end, ran a 10:20 mile, not a bad pace for me!

Today also marked my son Tanner’s 2 month birthday! He seriously has to be the cutest and sweetest little boy around! See for yourself! Here are a few of my favorite pics to date.

Mommy and Tanner - 2 weeks old.

My Supergeek! Almost 2 months old.

It's a jungle out there! 2 months old.

Oh, and the highlight of my day….my 2 year old pooped in the tub! Awesome!

Such a cutie!