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Happy Friday!

It’s only 8 in the morning and I’m already enjoying the fact that today is a rest day! No rushing through breakfast, no bundling up the kids to get to the gym, no packing snacks…just a quiet morning at home!

With all the running that I will be doing I need some fresh tunes to keep me going! So today’s task – make a new playlist! Since I haven’t updated my Ipod in forever – I actually think it’s been since my last race – I’m really looking forward to the change. There are so many ‘new’ great songs out there!

Music is what’s going to get me through those long runs and the race, so having a solid playlist is imperative!

What’s on your workout/cardio/pump me up playlist? I’d love for you to share your faves. I’m going to need a ton of songs to get me to the finish line!

Thanks for your help! Happy Friday!