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Three Things Thursday – It’s Almost Race Day!

1. This Sunday I will be running the Niagara Falls Half Marathon…I’m super excited but also pretty nervous. I’ve decided that I DO NOT enjoy tapering. I’m feeling lazy and my legs feel like bricks! I think I was much more prepared for this race two weeks ago than I am today 😦

Is this a typical taper feeling?

2. I came across this article today on Facebook, and its timing is perfect! It’s all about your pre race meal and includes info on timing your eating to maximize your performance. Just last weekend I was telling my sister that I’m not a 10am runner…which is exactly when the race starts…I actually prefer to run earlier because I feel like I have more fuel in the tank. Turns out, I’m probably not eating enough and I need to eat closer to run time.

My routine worked perfectly in my training runs…I woke a 7, ate breakfast (usually toast with peanut butter and a glass of juice), then downed a clif shot on my way to the running room, about 20-30 minutes before we headed out to run. I had great energy throughout my run. However, when I did my last two runs, around 10am, I ate the same foods at about the same times, by didn’t feel it. I know what I’m eating works for me, I just need to time it better!

3. It’s time to get race ready!