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Three Things Thursday!

1. The Elf For Health Holiday Challenge has begun. We are on day 4 of the challenge and so far I have:

    • Gone Meatless on Monday. This was the first time I had actually planned a meatless day and meatless meals. I have definitely had meatless days, many of them, but none of which were actually planned. I really enjoyed going meatless for a day and will be making Meatless Monday’s a regular thing in our house!
    • Wrote a note to a friend – actually I wrote two. One was a note to a bestie of mine who is working her butt of to get back in shape after having baby #2. I wrote the note to congratulate her on her progress to date, to let her know how proud I am of her for her commitment to her health and encourage her to keep it up. I was awesome to take a few minutes and actually hand write a note – we text each other all the time – but I definitely think the hand written note was more meaningful. The other note I wrote was a thank you to a friend who helped me through my BodyAttack training. Unfortunately, I forgot to give it to her when I saw her earlier this week, so I will have to pass it on next week.
    • Tried a new workout. I found this workout on Pinterest and did it after putting the kids to bed on Wednesday night.

      I needed a fun, quick, no equipment necessary workout, and this was it!

    • Woken up early to do 15 minutes of meditation/ reflection. It was awesome just to have some quiet time first thing in the morning to get my thoughts in order and think about the past few days. At the end of the 15 minutes, I felt like a load had been lifted from my shoulders, I felt refreshed and ready to start my day. I will definitely be adding this to my daily routine. At least weekdays anyway, not sure I will get 15 minutes of awake time before the kids get up on the weekends!

So far I am totally loving the Elf For Health Challenge I have gotten some great ideas for Meatless Monday meals, new workouts and awesome support from totally random people – It’s amazing!

Here’s what’s up for next 7 day’s:


It’s not too late to join in for Round 2, click here for more info!

2. I’m super excited to start the Winter 100 Challenge on Saturday. Kristen from the-running-mom has organized a challenge to run/walk 100 miles between December 1st and February 28th. Although 100 miles seems like a ridiculous number of miles to run, if you break it down it works out to just over 8 miles (about 13.5 km) per week, which breaks down further into three 4.5km runs a week. I can do that! For sure 🙂

I usually slack off with running over the winter so I’m really looking forward to the accountability this challenge holds. I will be using my Garmin to track my miles, giving a weekly update on my blog, and tweeting my progress using #winter100challenge.

3. This week’s Frosty Fitness Challenge is complete 100 push-ups. So far I have done 72 (thanks to Tuesday’s BodyAttack class) and will be finishing off the last 28 tonight after the kids are in bed. Need a little motivation to stay active as the cold weather settles in…check out Push.Pump.Progress and join Michelle in her weekly challenges. You might even win a prize!


100 Push-up Challenge

In a little over 3 weeks I will be going to do the BodyAttack Instructors Training Course, a two-day, super intense, energy demanding weekend! I CAN’T WAIT!! I’m so friggen excited! I L.O.V.E. BodyAttack and can’t wait to teach it!

On thing I am a little nervous about though, is the crazy number of push-ups that I’ve heard you have to do at the training. See, the BodyAttack class has an upper body conditioning track (track 5) that involves a ton of push-ups and planks. Right now, as a participant in the class, I can never do the full track without taking breaks or bringing my knees in closer to make it easier. This is a problem 😦 You can’t bow out, or take breaks as the instructor! No way!

So, to help prepare me for the weekend, and get me ready for my video (yes, you have to submit a video of yourself teaching a class to get your certification), I’ve decided to take start the one hundred push-up training program. It is a 6 week program designed to increase your upper body strength and enable you to do 100 consecutive push-ups. Each week there are 3 workouts to do and they recommend a rest day between each workout.

So, I did my first workout yesterday. 25 full body push-ups (6 in the first set, 6 in the second set, 4 in both the third and fourth sets, and 5 in the last set). It wasn’t too difficult and I’m not sore today (although I did find the push-up track at this mornings class’s difficult!). Workout number 2 is tomorrow….I think it involves doing 30 push-ups…..hope I can do it!

Want to know more about the program? Check it out here.