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Three Things Thursday: Remember When…

I love being a mom, it’s freaking awesome! My kids truly are amazing and I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way.


But sometimes I get to thinking about what life was like pre-kids…remember when….

1. You could have a 5 minute, uninterrupted shower…

I don’t know about you, but most times I have at least one kid in the bathroom while I shower, but usually it’s two…one in the bouncy chair and the other sitting on the bath mat having a snack and looking at books, or playing with some toys…Or how about the time where she thought it might be fun to play with the giant can of brown paint that was under the sink…well, that was until it spilled all over the floor and her blanket…yep, that’s when all hell broke loose!

What I would do for 5 minutes of absolute peace an quiet!!

2. You could sleep in…

Not that I ever get the chance to, but even on the RARE occasion where my kids sleep in until 8am (that’s a sleep in now) I’m wide awake at 7, 7:30 if I’m lucky.

3.You could wear a shirt or pair of pants more than once before having to wash them…

Un-uh, not any more…they’ve either got spit-up, random bits of food, or some other unidentifiable substance on them. Seriously…how do they do that….get food or spit up all over me without me even noticing? That takes skill!

Maybe in another 10 years….

What do you miss most about pre-kid days?