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Three Things Thursday! On the Right Track!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am super pumped that the weekend is almost here, and the fact that its a long weekend…well, that rocks!

This week my three things have to do with me being on the right track. Here’s the scoop:

1. I’m pretty excited about my upcoming half marathon. Yes, its still 52 days away, but I already feel like my running is getting better. Over the past two weeks, I have committed more to my training program, and I can honestly say, it’s paying off.

I was super nervous about last nights hill training…I hadn’t run hills in probably 5 years, and the hill we chose to run is almost half a kilometre long! 5 repeats, a 1k warm-up and a cool down back to the car – we ended up running a total of 5.75 km. Not bad, and the craziest part…I enjoyed it!! Yep, I liked running hills… my times got faster each repeat and at the end I felt like I could have done one or two more…Bring on next week – 6 repeats 🙂

2. I made a couple of super clean eating treats. Yesterday I spent about an hour in the kitchen and made Banana Cocoa Chip Muffins from Ingredients of a Fit Chick ; as well as some Cocoa Bites – both are delicious, low calorie, and easy to make!


3. This weekend I will be doing my second full BodyAttack class in preparation for submitting my certification video. Last Monday’s class went really well and I’m hoping for much of the same – with some improvements – for Saturday. I haven’t decided if I’m going to video tape yet…I guess I will have to see how I’m feeling about it all Saturday morning. I would totally kick myself if I do awesome and don’t record it!!

Well, that’s all for now, gotta go practice my BodyAttack script…then cut the lawn…do some laundry…and figure out what we’re having for dinner…

Have a great day!

Three Things Thursday!

Wow, I can’t believe its already Thursday! The days and weeks are seriously FLYING by!

Here are 3 random things I’m dealing with this week:

1. I have recently discovered Voltaren – a pain reliever cream for muscle and joint pain. I totally love it, and pretty much don’t leave home without it! Since my foot has been bothering me after working out, its become my new best friend…along with Advil, of course!

2. I am 3+ weeks into my half marathon training program and have ran….twice. Yep, that’s it! Now that my foot is better (well, sort of…) I have been focusing again on getting ready for my BodyAttack certification video. Doing Attack 4 times a week is a great workout and really improves my cardio, but it also doesn’t leave much time for running and rest! My plan is still to get my video in by the end of the month, so hopefully, after that I can jump head first into Week 5 of my training program! Yikes!

I’m hoping to get a long run  in this weekend, the schedule calls for 14K…not sure I’m ready for that, maybe 10K instead. I might have to skip Attack on Sunday morning to do it, but I need to get running! UGH!

3. I totally want an iPhone! I promised myself I would wait until I return to work in January, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold out that long! The apps are ridiculously awesome…why doesn’t Blackberry have cool sh!t like that?

Well, that’s all for this week…Happy Thursday everyone!

Motivational Monday! Obsessed.

So, I’ve been sick for about a week now, and haven’t worked out in 5 days. It’s killing me! Although I have no energy, and feel like crap, I still wish I could work out.

I want to run.

I want to sweat.

I want to feel good about myself.

Some people say I’m obsessed…..

I’ve worked so hard to get where I am in my half marathon training, that I don’t want to lose it. I’m nervous that when I run again I’m going to struggle. That it’s going to feel like it did 10 weeks ago when I started training. That it’s going to suck 😦

It’s only 5 weeks until the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon. 34 days til race day.

I need to get better.

I need to get back on track.

I need to run.