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Elf For Health – I am Thankful!

Yesterday’s Elf For Health challenge was to think of 20 things that I am thankful for.

With all that has gone on in the world over the last little while, it really has made me realize how fortunate I am to live the life that I do. I have so much to be thankful for and really enjoyed sitting down and putting it in writing. So, here are my 20 things….


1. My amazing children – they are seriously the BEST thing that ever happened to me!


2. My husband – he truly is the love of my life!


3. My family and friends – I have a great group of friends and a supportive family who are always there for me when I need them. Despite living hours apart from some and going weeks and sometime months between visits, I love each and every one of you!

4. My health – I’ve had a few minor health issues this past year and it has really taught me not take my health for granted. It has also taught me the importance of taking time for myself and making me and my health a priority. I am no good to my family if I am not healthy.

5. Living in Canada – there is no other place I would rather live.


6. Facebook – reconnecting with old friends has been amazing!

7. Vacations – whether its a week at a cottage with family and friends or a nice relaxing beach vacation, we are very fortunate to be able to get away from the craziness of everyday life and take some time to grow as a family.

8. Living where we experience all 4 seasons – seeing how excited my daughter gets each morning we wake up to even the smallest amount of snow, or how she giggles like crazy when the she jumps in a pile of fallen leaves, or watching her build a sandcastle at the beach…love, love, love.


9. My job – becoming a high school Health and Physical Education teacher was one of the best decisions I made. I absolutely love it!

10. My part-time job as a group ex instructor. I have met so many wonderful people at the gym and truly love teaching BodyAttack. Being paid to workout is a bonus!

11.Weekends – as much as I love my job, spending time with my family doing fun stuff rocks!

12. Nap time – a little uninterrupted time to hang with my hubby, read a book, fold the laundry, tidy the house or take a nap myself. Ahhhh heaven! I hope my kids nap forever!

13. Running – I don’t run nearly as much as I would like, but am thankful that I got back into it this year after a 5 year hiatus. I love that I run with my sister and that it’s a chance to see her regularly.


14. Lululemon clothing – my entire work wardrobe is pretty much lulu and I love it! It’s so comfy and lasts forever!


15. Bon Jovi – love his music and he’s not too hard to look at either! Only 51 one days till we see him live at the ACC!


16. Corona – love unwinding with a refreshing Corona after a tough week! So good!

17. Chocolate covered marshmallow – so yummy! Thankfully it’s only available in our grocery store a few times a year!


18. Technology – I’m totally loving my new iPhone and iPad. I think my most favourite use so far was FaceTiming with my husband while he worked out of town for 3.5 weeks! Not exactly sure how our kids would have survived without seeming him that whole time! Thanks Apple!

19. Good food – I love that we are eating clean as a family and that I have started to cook more, and I’m actually kinda enjoying it! I also love that my husband is such an awesome cook and although he doesn’t always make the most healthiest of meals, they are absolutely delicious!

20. My blog – I love having a place to share my experiences and try new things. I am grateful for my followers and those that share their experiences with me through their comments. I love that I have met some pretty amazing people through blogging! I hope to develop my blog further in 2013,

What are you thankful for?

BodyAttack and My Clean Car

Wednesday’s are cross-training days so this morning I headed to the gym to do a BodyAttack class – a 55 minute, high intensity, sports-inspired workout where the average calorie burn is 735! WOW! The class was awesome! Not only was it super fun, I got a sweat on like no other, and it when was over, I felt amazing! Tired, but amazing! It’s definitely my favorite group ex class ever. If they offer this class at a gym near you, GO…you will LOVE it!

Since it’s such a beautiful day out (+15, which seems a little crazy to me, but I’ll take it!) I’ve decided to start my first De-Cluttering project – My Car! I can’t believe I am actually going to show you how much of a mess it was, but here’s to accountability!

Before – yes, there actually is a floor under there!

The Backseat - yikes!

The Front Seat - not too bad, right?

After cleaning out all the garbage, all of my daughter’s crafts, a ton of Goldfish crackers (if you have a toddler, you know exactly what I’m talking about) and all the other junk, I pulled out the vacuum and Armor All . No sense in doing a half-assed job right? So, after about a half an hour of work – voila! My clean, de-cluttered car 🙂

The Backseat - All Clean!

Front seat - All Clean!

I might even hit the car wash when I go out this afternoon! Seriously, why did it take me so long to clean it? It took no time at all. I’m brutal! I’m actually going to work at KEEPING it clean now…wish me luck!

So…so far (yes, I know, it’s only Day 3!) I think I’m doing pretty good in terms of working towards accomplishing  my goals. I honestly believe that if I didn’t write them down for everyone to see, I wouldn’t have actually cleaned my car today. Nor would I have gotten a strawberry smoothie instead of a chai latte at Starbucks this morning! And to top it all off, I KNOW I would not be attempting to make Spaghetti Squash for dinner tonight! (I will let you know how that goes tomorrow).

So, have you written out your goals yet? Do you actually know what you are working towards and how you are going to get there? If not, get at it! I’d love to hear what your plans are, why not share a goal or two (or ten) with me! 🙂