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Three Things Thursday

1. I’m super excited for this weekend! Dylan’s friend Mike and his fiancĂ© Lily are getting married Saturday afternoon at The Granite Brewery in Toronto. I’ve never been to this venue, but checked it out online and it looks perfect for a beautiful outdoor wedding. The forecast is calling for thundershowers, so pray to the sun gods that they hold off until after the ceremony! Isn’t it suppose to be good luck if I rains on your wedding day? At least I think that’s what Alanis Morissette told me!

We decided to get a hotel for the night so that we can both have a great time and not worry about getting home after…so, I’m super pumped to get my drink on!!! Oh yeah!

But…A night away means leaving the kids with a sitter for the night. We’ve left Ryan overnight before but its only ever been with family, so, I’m a little nervous, but totally trust our sitter and know the kids will be in good hands.

Any bets on how any times I will call home to check in?

2. We went home to North Bay last weekend to visit with family. Thinking we would avoid the long weekend cottage country traffic, we decided to go Saturday morning. Well, what is usually a 3 hour drive took us about 5.5 hours. It was brutal! Ryan did not nap AT ALL, and Tanner cried and fussed for the last hour and a half. Talk about a crappy start to the weekend!

The rest of the weekend was pretty awesome!

We went down to the waterfront and enjoyed a couple of carousel rides…


Went for a ride on the mini train…


Played at the park…


Toured a fire truck…


Took time to smell the pretty flowers…


Wandered around looking super cute…



Went swimming…


Visited Great Grandma Gray (aka Triple G…or if your 2…Purple G)!


And even enjoyed the ride home on Monday! Ryan was all about making funny faces…too cute!


3. I am doing the July Ab Challenge hosted by Amanda over at Run To The Finish. The program is run by Strong Like Susan – you can find out more about her here. I’m only 5 days (4 workouts) in and I’m feeling it! Wow! These exercises are crazy intense! If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link to her youTube channel where you can find 30 days of crazy ab workouts.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!