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What’s Your Favourite Workout Routine? – August Writing Challenge #17

Well, today is day 17 of the August Blogger Writing Challenge, I can’t believe I have posted at least once a day for 17 days…crazy! But super fun!

Today’s Blogger Queation is: What is your favourite workout routine?

Well many if you can probably guess what my favourite workout is…yep, BodyAttack!

I love, Love, LOVE it! It is seriously the best group exercise class I have ever been to it’s so much fun and such an awesome workout!

BodyAttack is a 55 minute, sports-inspired cardio class, with a focus on improving your speed, strength, endurance and agility.

The class is made up of 12 tracks, each with a different focus:

1. Warm-up
2. Mixed Impact
3. Aerobic Training
4. Ploymetrics
5. Upper Body Conditioning
6. Running
7. Agility Training
8. Interval Training
9. Power Training
10. Lower Body Conditioning
11. Core Conditioning
12. Cooldown/stretch

In a 55 minute class, the average person burns 735 calories! Click here for more information on BodyAttack, including the overall benefits of this workout. Wanna see BodyAtack in action? Head over to YouTube and do a search, there are a ton of videos! Better yet, why it find a class in your area and try it out for yourself? Trust me, you will LOVE it!

What’s your favourite workout routine? Please share it with us!

Take That, Long Run!

So this mornings 7 mile run was awesome! Despite this lingering cold and another crappy sleep, I kicked this run’s ass! How, you ask?

First – training – even though I’m only 4 weeks into the training program, I truly believe that the miles I’ve logged to date are building a solid base. I also think that since I’m getting into intensity based runs (race pace, hills and fartleks) and doing BodyAttack as my cross training my endurance is improving.

Second – friends- – I have to say that chatting with a few friends while running really helped pass the time and miles. Around the 3.5 mile mark, I ran (no pun intended) into my friend Ruth who I have not seen in forever and while she did her workout on the treadmill beside me we spent a solid 20 minutes catching up! It was great! Also, my friend Nikki stopped to chat for a few minutes as she was passing by, we chatted about our babies, lack of sleep and feeding schedules. Pretty exciting stuff, I know, but it made the second last mile so easy, I skipped my last 1 minute walk and jacked up the speed to finish.

And last but not least – the music – I have yet to update my playlist but the random tunes that played today were awesome!
Don’t forget to send me your faves, I need at least 2.5 hours of pump me up tunes to get me through the race!

Well, that’s it, three small things that had a big impact on today’s run! I hope next weeks long run is just as good!