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Do You Workout at Home or at the Gym? – August Writing Challenge #29

Today’s Blogger Challenge question is: Do you workout at home or at the gym?

Aside from running, and the occasional TRX workout, I do most of my workouts at the gym.

On average, I go to four group ex classes a week – mainly BodyAttack – but I’ve also stared going to CXWorx and am now trying to add a couple of BodyPump classes into the mix to work on building some strength 🙂

When I return to work in January, I will most likely get most of my workouts done while there. I will teaching two 75 minute fitness classes and one additional phys.ed class each day, so chances are I will be able to get my workout done during that time…man, I love my job 🙂

Where do you workout – at home or at the gym?