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Three Things Thursday – Being Sick Sucks!

It’s Thursday an I’m crazy sick so this is going to be a quick one!

1. Being sick sucks! – So I’ve had a chest cold for about 2 weeks now – well ever since I went back to work – and it’s killing me! I have no energy, I can barely breathe and I can’t lie down without having a ridiculous coughing fit! It totally sucks! I’m not a medicine person at all, but have actually resorted to Tylenol cold tablets (day and night) and Robitussin. I think they are helping, but I’m not sure masking the symptoms is really the answer.


2. I actually stayed home from work yesterday because of my cold. I got home from work Tuesday night and could barely help with the kids and dinner. I finally threw in the towel at about 6:20 and went to bed. I grabbed a book and had a bit of a snuggle with my daughter, but was probably asleep by 8 at the latest. It was awesome! I slept about 11 hours, got up to help with the kids in the morning, and was asleep again by 9 for another 3 hours. I definitely needed it, and actually felt a bit better today. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday – all I want to do this weekend is get some rest – not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

3. I’m off to watch Grey’s Anatomy and go to bed! Despite my plan if this being a quick post, that was not the case and now I’m 20 minutes late for the only show I watch on tv. It’s okay though, I’ve got it PVR’d and now I can fast forward though the commercials! I LOVE PVR!

That’s all for tonight, any suggestions on how to beat this lingering chest cold?

Friday Rant – Why I Hate Having a Cold

Here’s is my Top 10 list of why I hate having a cold…

10. Every time I swallow it feels like I am swallowing knives. And when I tried to drink some OJ for the vitamin C, it burned like crazy!

9. I ate pancakes for dinner. Not even Ear Clean Pancakes, just regular, not so good for you, Aunt Jemima just add water pancakes. Yuck!

8. It’s not even 7pm on a Friday night, and there is nothing I want more than to go to bed. Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t wake up from her nap until 5pm, so she’s not quite ready yet!

7. I’m a total nose breather and since I am so stuffed up I have to breathe out my mouth. I hate it! It’s so dry and unnatural! Yuck!

6. Last night I had to get up and change both my pajamas and the bedding, not once, but twice, cause I was soaked with sweat!

5. I’ve used a box and a half of Kleenex in 24 hours…thank god it the lotion kind. Otherwise, I’m sure my nose would be falling off by now!

4. Of course I get sick when I have a TON of stuff to do. I have to do our taxes, prepare for the TRX Suspension Training presentation I am giving at the OFSAA Women’s Sports School Conference on May 3rd and 4th in St. Catherine’s, as well as the BodyAttack Training Course I am taking May 5th and 6th.

3. Despite cranking the heat up to 75 degrees, I’m still walking around he house shivering in a tank top, t- shirt, sweatshirt and fleece jacket, long johns and yoga pants, and two pairs of socks!

2. I’ve now missed two workouts in a row (a 4 mile run yesterday and my Skinny Jeans workout today), and I will definitely be skipping tomorrows workout too. Sunday doesn’t look too promising either 😦 Boo!

And the number one reason why I hate having a cold….

1. Cause despite telling the doctor at the walk-in clinic all if my symptoms…I walked out of there with nothing to help me get better. I know he’s the one with he MD and all, but seriously, I tough a fever and neon green phlegm was a sign of infection…I guess not. Sorry, that might have been a bit too much info 🙂

That’s it for today, Backyardigans is over, and that means time for Ryan to go to bed! I’m right behind her!