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Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are having a great day!

1. Labour Day Monday we packed up the kids and headed to the CNE for the day. We had such a great time! Ryan went on a ton of rides loved every one of them…even the dragon rollercoaster! Tanner, well, he’s just such an easy going happy little guy…he hung out in his stroller all day and watched all the craziness going on around him. Here are some pictures from our little trip to the Canadian National Exhibition:


2. My half marathon training is still going well. Last Sunday, I ran 16km and last night we did hill training – 6 hills – an once again, I can honestly say, neither were bad. Sunday’s long run was a bit lonely, there aren’t may people out on the trails at 6:40 in the morning, but on the bright side, I was out before the humidity sunk in and when I got home, I still had the whole day ahead of me!

Hill training was good. I ran with my sister, which always makes my run more fun and pass by quicker. We did 6 hills – each of which was about 480m long. In the end, we ran up almost 6.5 km. I’m not sure if my times were any better than last week, for some reason my Garmin would not do laps…I still need to figure that thing out!

My husband is home sick today so I might actually get out for a tempo run later tonight…very exciting 🙂 Sunday’s long run is 18km and next week we’ve got 7 hills! WooHoo!

3. I hate to say this, but I am super excited for fall. I love all of the beautiful colours when the leaves change and running in cooler weather is awesome! I am also looking forward to things slowing down a bit (as they usually do when fall arrives) which will give me more time to plan and cook healthy clean meals.

What have you been up to this week?

Are you looking forward to fall or wanting summer to stick around?