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Three Things Thursday – It’s Been a While!

I think I only missed one week, but it feels like forever since I’ve done a Three Things Thursday post! It’s time to get caught up!

1. This past Tuesday was our schools athletic banquet, and since hubby was working, I had to take the kids. They behaved amazingly and all the students loved them! They looked pretty cute too in their Country and Western themed gear…


2. Last Saturday hubby and I got out for a day without the kids – we went to Canada’s Wonderland and out for dinner – it was awesome!

First ride of the day was the Leviathan – it was crazy! If you’ve never heard of it, or rode it before, check it out – its over 300 feet tall, has an 80 degree drop an goes 92 mph! Insane!

Also loved the Behemoth and pretty much every rollercoaster in the park. Still hate the wooden ones- they are way too jerky for me!

Also rode Windseeker – didn’t love it! Though I was going to barf the whole time!

We had a super fun day – rode pretty much every ride in the park, had funnel cake and enjoyed a quiet dinner, just the two of us – so rare!!

3. We are off to Bluewater this weekend to visit my sister Kim and her family. They are embarking on pretty exciting adventure that will be taking them far, far away for at least a year. We are super excited for them, but definitely going to miss them! Our kids had a blast hanging out at their cottage last summer, and with everyone a year older now, things are sure to be even more fun!

Well, that’s it for this week! Have an awesome weekend!