Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #23 – Save Yourself Some Time!

Sunday. For me, it’s a love/hate kind of day – I love the fact that it’s still the weekend and we get to spend time doing fun stuff as a family, but I hate the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of another busy work week…Ugh!

So, I CHALLENGE you to:

Do 1 thing today that will help you get ready for tomorrow.


Studies have shown that when things run smoothly in your morning it lifts your mood for the rest of the day, while stress and anxiety can not only ruin your mood, but your immune system as well. By taking a few minutes to ready something for tomorrow, you’ll have one less thing to have to decide on and make time for in the morning.


Choose one thing that will help  make your tomorrow easier, and do it before you go to bed tonight. Here are some ideas:

  • lay out your clothes and the kids too!
  • plan tomorrow’s dinner
  • make lunches
  • pack your bag
  • put gas in the car


Enjoy your day! And here’s to a great start to the week!

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