Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #20 – Put an End to Late Night Snacking

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

How are you making out with these daily challenges?

Are you drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water?

Are you getting 30 minutes if physical activity each day?

What about breakfast – are you eating it daily?

Establishing healthy lifestyle habits takes time and CONSISTENCY. Stick with these healthy behaviours for 3 to 4 weeks and they will (hopefully) become part of your lifestyle!



Stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed.


Although there are differing opinions on eating before bed – most often it’s what you eat as opposed to when you eat that is the problem.

But…Eating too close to bedtime can:

Cause sleep disturbances – high fat or spicy foods can lead to heartburn when you lie down, drinking too much can cause you to wake to go pee and the general too-full feeling just causes discomfort and can make falling asleep difficult.

Increase your body fat stores – Eating too much food, especially carbohydrates, late at night can cause your body to store fat because your body is not moving to burn them off

Increase your insulin levels – eating high glycemic carbs (pasta, white rice, sugar) can cause your insulin levels to spike which stops fat loss and causes weight gain

Stop the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – eating high glycemic index foods also causes your body to stop producing HGH – the fat burning and muscle building super-hormone released in your sleep


  • eat breakfast within one hour of waking up 
  • eat every 3 hours during the day
  • eat a healthy and nutritious dinner including protein, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables
  • drink water with your dinner
  • clean up right after dinner and put leftovers away  
  • wipe down the counters and turn off the kitchen lights – close down the kitchen
  • brush your teeth after dinner
  • if you feel the urge to eat – have a glass of water, go for a walk or go to bed and read a book



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