Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #17 – Go Meatless!

I hope you are having a great weekend – I’ve managed to get a ton of stuff done around the house and I even did a bit of marking – crazy, I know!!

I’m giving you TOMORROW’S CHALLENGE today because it might need a bit of thought and planning – here it is…

Go meatless today.


Going meatless just once a week can decrease your risk many chronic preventable diseases like:

  • CANCERstudies suggest that people who eat diets low in meat are less likely to develop cancer and daily meat eaters are about 3 times more likely to develop colon cancer.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASEstudies done at Harvard University have found that eating both red meat and processed meats (sausage, bacon, and deli meats) increases your risk of developing heart disease and atherosclerosis as well as having a stroke.
  • DIABETESresearch suggests that eating greater amounts of red and processed meats increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes


It’s easy – just eat meat-free meals and snacks today!

Here are some great ideas:


  1. Greek yogurt and berries
  2. fruit smoothie
  3. vegetarian omelet
  4. oatmeal


  1. hard boiled egg
  2. mixed nuts
  3. crackers and cheese
  4. veggies and hummus
  5. apple slices with almond butter
  6. click here for more ideas


  1. tossed salad
  2. egg salad sandwich
  3. veggie burger
  4. click here for more ideas


  1. vegetable stir-fry
  2. stuffed peppers
  3. pasta with fresh veggies
  4. click here for more ideas

meatless monday

Share your favourite meatless monday meal in the comments section below!

4 responses to “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #17 – Go Meatless!

  1. I was doing so good on my meatless Monday kick and then BBQ season came around. *sigh* I’m still passing on red meat for chicken and fish but need to get back in the habit of one day a week with no meat. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Oh and my go to meal was sweet potato chili. Mmmmm I made this recipe a lot without the sirloin and using sucanat in place of brown sugar.

  3. cleankindandhappy

    If Leesa D is struggling with Bbq ideas, maybe she should try veggie burgers! Isa Chandra at Post Punk Kitchen has some great burger recipes. Studies also show that it’s not just meat that puts people at risk, it is animal proteins in general, ie. Meat, milk, cheese and eggs. Dairy is actually now known to be one of the leading causes of osteoporosis in western diets. In a nutshell, animal protein causes our blood to become acidic. Our body neutralises it by leeching calcium from our bones, weakening them. Check out T. Colin Campbell & Caldwell Esselstyn for more info, or Forks over Knives. Interesting stuff!

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