Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #12 – Control the Clutter!

So, did you make it through yesterday without eating any added sugar? I didn’t 😦 We had our school’s Athletic Banquet last night and unfortunately I couldn’t resist those tasty little desserts. I will be pulling the re-do card on that one and trying to go a day (and hopefully more) without any added sugars or sweeteners. For now, yesterday’s challenge goes into the books as a


I will keep you posted on redemption day!

For TODAY’S CHALLENGE, take some time and

Declutter your work area.




1. Start with the papers on your desk – sort them into different piles: a this-needs-attention pile; a this-person-needs-to-be-called/emailed pile; papers to file; a shred pile for papers that contain confidential information but are no longer needed; and a pile of papers that can be recycled. Take care of each pile of papers accordingly.

2. Get rid of things you don’t use – grab a garbage bag and start throwing out pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, staplers and other assorted stationary items that no longer work. Go through each drawer/shelf and get rid of anything unusable, any doubles or multiples of the same thing. Only keep items that you frequently use at your desk.

3. Get organized – everything should have a home. If you cannot find what you are looking for within 3-5 minutes, you don’t have an organized office. Get stackable trays that will allow you to keep the “things to do” papers separate from the “things to put away” stack. If sticky notes are your thing, arrange them in a way that allows you to finish the tasks on your notes efficiently.

4. Set up a routine – now that everything is organized, get in the habit of organizing as you go: If you take something out, put it away when you’re done. Take five to 10 minutes a couple days a week to file papers that should have been put away, take out the trash and tackle other tasks to keep your organization system under control. Don’t leave your office at the end of the week until everything is put away.

Now get at it! Take a before and after picture so you can truly appreciate your efforts!

Have a great day!


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