Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #7 – Reward Yourself

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m pretty sure I say this every week….but I am sooooo looking forward to the weekend it’s crazy! With the end of the school year quickly approaching things at work are getting busy! We have a bit of a busy weekend ahead of us, but I’m looking forward to Spending some quality time relaxing and re-energizing!

And with that, comes TODAYS CHALLENGE:

Reward yourself with a glass of red wine!


Not only does a glass of red wine jazz up your dinner, relax your blood vessels, lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress, but according to Prevention Magazine indulging in a glass of red wine can also help:

1. Lower your cholesterol
2. Protect your heart
3. Control blood sugar
4. Boost your brain
5. Fight off a cold
6. Stop cancer
7. Get slim


With alcohol, as with pretty much everything else, moderation is key! Women should drink no more than 1 serving a day, and men no more than 1 to 2 servings per day.

Wondering what constitutes a serving?

Nope, it’s not the whole bottle 😦 It’s not even half a bottle 😦 A serving of red wine is only 4 ounces – which means there are about 6 servings in a 750ml bottle.


Here are some funny wine-related pictures I found…


Enjoy your glass of red wine and have a great weekend!
See you tomorrow!


2 responses to “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #7 – Reward Yourself

  1. Well, if it’s for my health :). Happy Friday!

  2. but I don’t like red wine 😦 any benefit to white…or Corona?!!!!

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