Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #6 – Random Acts of Kindness


Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten another person’s day by doing something thoughtful, nice, and caring for them. They can be spontaneous or planned, little or big, there are no rules and no boundaries. Acts can be done for loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, animals and even the environment. The possibilities are endless!


Perform 3 random acts of kindness.


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has outlined the following benefits of performing kind acts:

  • the maintenance of good health – diminished effects of both physical and psychological disease and disorders
  • improvement in stress related health problems
  • feelings of joyfulness, emotional resilience and vigor
  • reduced sense of isolation
  • decrease in both intensity and awareness of physical pain
  • reduction in chronic hostility and negativity
  • increased sense of self-worth
  • greater happiness and optimism

acts of kindness


Here are a few ideas:

  • cut your neighbours lawn
  • hold the door open for someone
  • let someone go in front of you in line
  • pay for the person’s order in line behind you
  • write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life
  • volunteer
  • pick up trash
  • be kind to someone you dislike
  • send flowers
  • donate to a charity
  • donate used clothing
  • say something nice to someone

Really, the possibilities are endless! Be creative and have fun!

Share your ideas and stories in the comments section below!


3 responses to “Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #6 – Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I love this. Think I will make it a challenge for me and the kids this weekend

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  3. Good advice! I think I’ll try it today 🙂

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