Healthy Lifestyle Challenge #2 – Meal Planning

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Have you been drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water? Remember, not only was this the challenge for yesterday, but its the challenge for this whole first week. Drinking water is great for our bodies. It aids in digestion, helps rid the body of toxins, give us glowing healthy skin, and actually gives us a boost in energy!



Plan this week’s meals.


When working to establish healthy eating habits, meal planning is key! Here are some of the many benefits of Meal Planning:

  • Stress Less – There is no panic when its time for dinner since all of the thought and preparation (meal selection, grocery shopping) is already done. With your meals planned and stuck on the fridge, you know what you’re cooking when, can plan for easy meals or leftovers on busy days, and avoid the annoying “What are we going to have for dinner tonight” last minute scrambling.


  • Save Money – Once you’ve planned your meals, write up a shopping list based on your plan. Only buying what you need will save you money, prevent impulse buying and save you multiple trips to the grocery store.


  • Eat Healthy – Meal planning will ensure you and your family are eating healthy balanced meals. It will also prevent last minute trips to the drive thru or pizza pick-up. Because you have organized your week in advance, you will have everything you need to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Meals prepared at home are pretty much guaranteed to be healthier than eating out, plus, you have more control over the ingredients in your meals and serving sizes.


  • Save Time – By planning meals and grocery shopping accordingly, you will be making fewer trips to the grocery store. You will also only have to search through your cookbooks only once a week. Effective planning for leftovers means lunches or next day dinners are also taken care of.



  1. Grab a sheet of paper – or print off this one!
  2. Get your cookbooks out and your post-it notes – flag all of the recipes you want to use for the week. Quickly jot down any of the ingredients you will need on the post-it note you’ve used to mark the recipe.
  3. Decide which meals you do not need to make. Using your planning sheet, put an “X” through any of the meals you know will be eaten out of the house and mark days when you are short on time and will be having leftovers.
  4. Then, match up the recipes you’ve chosen with the openings on the schedule. If any meals need preparation beforehand, I’ll list them in the “Prep For Tomorrow” section to help me stay organized. (For example, if I need to take the chicken out of the freezer the night before, I make a note so I don’t forget.)
  5. Plan your snacks for each day. Be sure to have at least 2 healthy choices available.
  6. Create your weekly grocery list. You may want to make a second list for a mid-week run to grab more fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Here’s our meal plan for the week:



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Stuffed French Toast

(CE Comfort Foods p. 12)

Smoothie Smoothie Smoothie Oatmeal pancake Smoothie Cottage Cheese Pancakes

(Eat Clean Diet p. 80)

Lunch BLT’s Leftover Kebabs Lunch with Pam Leftover Chicken
Veggies & Hummus
Leftover Pork Tenderloin

Veggies & Hummus

Tuna warp

Veggie & Hummus

Grilled Turkey &Cheese Sandwiches
Dinner Beef Kebabs

(CE Mag July 2012 p. 44)

Penne Pasta with Fresh Veggies Grilled Chicken

Corn on the cob


Pork Tenderloin

Grilled Veggies

Omelets Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches Date Night!!
Snacks   Almonds


Macaroons (2)

Hard boiled egg


slim cake

Macaroons (2)


Fiber Bar

Slim Cake



Macaroons (2)





mixed nuts

Prep For Tomorrow Bake Coconut Macaroons

Boil Eggs

Take chicken out of freezer Prep veggies for lunches   Prep tuna   Meal plannning & Grocery list for next week
Other   Staff Meeting Ball Hockey 9pm Gym 7:45pm Gym
Groceries Needed beef
red onion
peppers asperagus
snap peas
  sweet potato
    cottage cheese
greek yogurt

So, it’s time to get planning! Choose health meals and snacks, make your grocery list, and put the time in today to make your week healthier and happier!

Let me know how it goes! You can even share your plan (or the link to it) in the comments section below!

Have a great day!

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