Three Things Thursday Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I am home from work today with a sick little one who has been up all night with the stomach flu. We are currently having some quiet time watching Cinderella and writing blogs between quick trips to the bathroom.


Anyways, here are this weeks three random things…

1. Scrapbooking. As I mentioned before, I went away last weekend to a Bed & Breakfast. I’ve already talked about how great the food was, so now I’m going to share a few of my better scrapbooking pages. Be warned, I’m not very good at scrapbooking!


2. Shoes. I got new running shoes! The past few times I was running I kinda a felt like the cushion was gone in my old ones – even though they really aren’t that old! I’m guessing the probably had about 250 kilometres on them, which is not much at all for a quality pair of shoes, but when I considered the fact that I’ve probably done about 60+ hours of BodyAttack classes in them, I figured they’ve served their purpose.

Always $115 later (thanks to a $100 gift card) I’ve got some new kicks! They’re super cute…lets just hope they are fast!


3. Running. Today Yesterday was the last day of the Winter 100 Challenge. The challenge was to run or walk 100 miles between December 1st and February 28th. Unfortunately, I was super sick for most of December and only ran twice all month. Although I fell short if the 100 mile goal, I’m super happy with the 91 miles (147.4 km) I did run. I took the challenge because I normally don’t run at all in th winter and I was hoping it would be the motivation I needed to get out there and run. And, it was! I ran twice in December, 11 times in January and 12 times in February. That’s probably 25 times more than I ran in the same time period last year!


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