I Am So Sore!

So yesterday I did my first ever Crossfit workout…


And let me just say – it was killer! The knees to elbows are ridiculous! I honestly felt like I was going to puke! No joke!


Since I did my workout in our school’s weight room, and not in the ‘box’I didn’t know how much I should be lifting, but here’s what I did…

– 20″ box jump
– 15lb Kettlebell swings
– 25lb push press
– 4kg wall ball toss

My time was


If anyone knows how much weight I should be lifting for the Kettlebell swings, push press and wall ball toss, please let me know 🙂 In the meantime I will be soaking in Epsom salts, trying to rid my body of all the pain!


I’d love to try a few more Crossfit workouts – share your favourites so I can give them a try! Please 🙂

4 responses to “I Am So Sore!

  1. Hey Erin, love the crossfit workouts. Please let me know when you do another, would love to join you! 20-25 lbs Kettlebell swing??

  2. The great thing about crossfit is that everything is scalable! You use weights that work for you! I know that when we have done this wod the rx weight for the kettlebells is usually 35 lbs. it seems like the push press is around 65lbs. However, working up to those weights is what is important. You would probably be able to bump right up to at least the 26lb kettlebells

    I think the last time I did that wod I could hardly sit on the toilet for three days. Body weight exercises are brutal!

  3. The wallball is usually a 15lb ball- not sure the conversion to kg.

  4. I did crossfit one time. I have never been so sore so quickly after a workout. I think it took all of 2 hours for the soreness to begin! But, I loved it!

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