Three Things Thursday – Winning, Giving and Giving Up!

Three Things Thursday

1. I won a Simple Choices Prize Pack from Morgan at Life After Bagels. It arrived in the mail yesterday and let me just tell you how awesome it is!

Check it out!


Wondering what all that is? Well, there’s…

• 1 box of 12 Simply Whey Coconut bars and 1 box of 12 Simply Whey Apple Cinnamon bars


• 12 bags of Garlic and Herb Simply Protein Chips and 12 bags of Chili Simply Protein Chips


• as well as a Simply Protein recipe book and Menu Planner


Super Awesome!

I had the Garlic and Herb Protein Chips for a morning snack and they were pretty good! Very savoury! I’m super excited to give the rest a try!

Thanks Morgan and Simply Protein!

2. I’m running my first ever blog giveaway and it ends in about 48 hours! For information on how you can win a copy of “The Best of Clean Eating 3” click here! Contest closes at noon on Saturday. Good luck!


3. I’m giving up Chai Latte’s for the month of February! Yep, you read that correctly, I’m giving them up for a whole month…you may be wondering if that is even possible, but I’m am going to prove it is! My Starbucks card is empty and I am staying away!

3 responses to “Three Things Thursday – Winning, Giving and Giving Up!

  1. i will continue to enjoy the Chai Latte’s for you! I have gotten to the point where they are part of my menu planning…breakfast Saturday and Sunday at the rink…horrible, I know…but they are the one guilty pleasure I have left!

    That prize pack looks awesome!

  2. Lol…it is funny – my husband loves when I make him chai lattes at home with our Breville espresso machine. Steamed milk + deliciousness. So much tastier and cheaper. Er…once you make 3 months of drinks daily that is…lol!!

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