Friday Favourites – My Favourite Workout Wear

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful week and are as excited about the weekend as I am!

This week I am going to share with you my favourite line of workout wear.

As a high school Health and Physical Education teacher, I am lucky enough to wear sweatshirts, track-style pants, shorts and t-shirts everyday. Yes, for some this could mean blah, grubby, and frumpy, but for me it means stylish, comfy and practical!

For me it means Lululemon!


What do I look for in workout wear? And why do I love Lululemon?

1. The Wicking Factor – Most days I sweat my butt of working out. Whether I’m running, teaching BodyAttack, or lifting weights, chances are I’m going to get my sweat on! So, for me, it’s important that my base layer is pulling the moisture away from my skin – keeping me cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Why I love lulu:

All of lulu’s run swiftly line is made with Luxtreme®, a moisture wicking material which is woven right into the fabric. That means it will continue to wick away sweat for as long as you own the top!

2. The Stink Factor – Because I wear workout clothes all the time – to work as well as to workout in, it’s important to me that they have some sort of anti-bacterial treatment to help fight odour build-up. There’s nothing worse than pulling a clean shirt out of the laundry that still smells like your last workout! Yuck!

Why I love lulu:

Lululemon has taken care if this too! They have added a silver fibre to their tops to create their very own Silverescent® fabric which inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria!

3. The Comfort Factor – For me, the type of fabric and fit is important. I like fabrics that are soft and have flat seams to avoid chaffing. I also want a comfortable fit without being skintight. I want to be be able to move in the clothing, while at the same time, not worrying that I’m going to lose my tights half way through Track 4 of the latest BodyAttack release!

Why I love lulu:

Most Lululemon clothing is made of luon® , which is moisture wicking, offers 4-way stretch and is preshrunk. The high percentage of LYCRA® in the fabric means it will not stretch or bag out, while the nylon used in luon® is made to feel cottony soft.

4. The Longevity Factor – Because I work out a least once a day, and often twice- it is important to me that my workout wear lasts! I need it to wash well and not stretch and/or lose its shape.

Why I love lulu:

Lulu designs the majority of their products to last 5 years, and as long as you take care of it, it does! Luckily taking care of most lulu stuff means washing in warm water and tossing in the dryer 🙂

Not sure how to care for you latest purchase? Click here.

5. The Style Factor – Looking good means feeling good, and this goes for at the gym too! Lululemon has a variety of styles and fits for tops, bottoms, shorts, sweats, jackets, sock and undies. If you need it to workout in…they make it! I’m not sure how they do it, but lululemon pants have something magic in them that makes everyone’s butt look amazing!

Why I love lulu:

Lululemon clothing comes in awesome colours and styles to fit all body types! They have pieces that can be worn casually as well as functionally, and although formally known as a yoga clothing company, their clothes can be worn for weight lifting, aerobics, cycling, indoors, outdoors, warm, cold…really, for anything!

6. The Value Factor – Yes, lulu can be considered quite pricey, but for the amount I wear it and how long it lasts, I find it to be of good value.

Why I love lulu:

Lulu has a variety of ‘workout basics’ that never go out of style. When you are staring to build your workout wardrobe, chose a few timeless pieces – like a pair of wonder under crops and maybe a run swiftly tank or T – and add a piece here or there. Be sure to consider the type of activities you do most and make sure the pieces you buy are appropriate for those activities. Choose versatile pieces that will get you through both the hottest and coldest months.

So, that is why I love Lululemon clothing to wear to work and workout in.

Here are some of my favourite pieces to wear to work:


Here are some of my favourite pieces to workout in:


What is you favourite line of workout wear? Why do you love it?

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