Date Night Fail(ish)!

Yesterday was an awesome day! For the first time in I don’t know how long we finally didn’t have anything to do – no parties, no appointments, no real plans….it was so nice!


Our morning started out with Ryan’s weekly gymnastics class – she started gymnastics about a year ago and this is her third session. She absolutely loves it, although she’s not a fan of the warm-up (she actually doesn’t participate in it at all), she does love the bars, tumble track and little circuits they set up. This week they tried the beam for the first time, so fun!

After that, Ryan and I ran some errands then headed home for lunch with daddy and Tanner.

Next up, naptime!

While the kids napped I made No Bake Peanut Honey Peanut Butter Balls from the Eat-Clean Diet website. Although they took me a little longer than the 5 minutes they say it will take, they were delicious and totally worth it. They look a little funny because I used Christmas rice krispies 😊


While the peanut butter balls chilled I actually got to sit down and relax…last time that happened…who knows!! It was amazing! I caught up on last weeks Grey’s Anatomy while enjoying a nicely chilled Corona…ah, heaven!

When the kids woke up, we finish up the peanut butter balls and got organized for the babysitter. Yep, hubby and I went out for our first date night of 2013 – one of my 2013 goals.

We had a Bon Appétit dinner and movie gift card and decided that we would head to Kelsey’s for a bite to eat and then head across to a 7-7:30ish movie. There were 4 movies that started within that time, so we figured we would play a little movie roulette and see whatever movie was playing next when we got there.


The wait for a table was suppose to be about 20 minutes so we headed to the bar for a drink. When our table was ready – about 45 minutes later – we ordered the 7 Layer Dip as an appetizer – which took forever and actually showed up about 3 minutes before our meals did. For dinner I had a Sonoma Valley Salad with Chicken and Dylan had the Balsamic Chicken dinner. They were both really good. We wolfed down our dinner, paid the bill, and rushed across to the movie. Apparently everyone in Newmarket goes to the movies on Saturday nights and all the movies were sold out. Our back-up plan was to head to another theatre about 10 minutes away, but unfortunately the movies pretty much started at the same time and there was no way we were going to make it.


Thinking it wouldn’t really be fair to our sitter if we went home 2 hours early, we headed to Chapters and browsed for some new books to read. I love Chapters. I don’t know what it is about that place, but I could hang out there for hours. I found a ton of books I’d like to read and flipped through a few magazines. I was so nice to roam freely and take my time, something I don’t get to do when I have my kids in tow.

After perusing pretty much every isle of the bookstore, Dylan and I headed to Dairy Queen for a little dessert. We took our treats to go (cause there was a group of kids I teach hanging out) and took a drive through a few of the older neighborhoods in town, talking about how much we would both love to move into an older home with a big yard and some character.

Despite not being able to see a movie, we had an awesome evening. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love hanging out with my kids, but having some quality time with my husband was amazing. We actually had real, uninterrupted conversations. We talked about family, work, our future, it was perfect! I am already looking forward to next months date!

How was your Saturday? I hope it was as awesome as mine!

One response to “Date Night Fail(ish)!

  1. A night out with no kiddos? Sounds perfect no matter where you went! 😀

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