Three Things Thursday!

1. Tanner is 1!
This past weekend we celebrated Tanner’s 1st Birthday! I can’t believe our little guy is already one…where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to him in the emergency room cause he couldn’t wait to get up to L&D!!

Here are some pictures from his party.



2. I’m FINALLY feeling better!
6 weeks, 2 doses of antibiotics and one inhaler later, I finally feel like I’ve turned a corner and am on the mend. If it weren’t or my ribs continually slipping in and out of place when I cough, life would be grand!

3. Just saw this recipe on The Eat-Clean Diet’s Facebook page


No-bake, gluten & dairy-free peanut butter balls… not only the perfect snack to boost energy and help your 2013 health transformation, they look deeeelish! You can find the recipe here. I will be definitely be making these on the weekend!

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