Three Things Thursday!

1. We had a totally awesome Christmas! Lucky for us, our kids have not yet reached the age of waking up super early to see if Santa has come yet.

We actually didn’t get up until almost 8:30 – a sleep in on Christmas morning….who woulda thunk!

After a yummy pancake breakfast we spent a couple of hours opening presents. Ryan had a great time and although Tanner wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, he loved all the boxes and wrapping paper!


2. Last night we had a bit of a snowstorm so we took advantage of the fresh snow and hit the hill for a little tobogganing. Both Tanner and Ryan got snow toys for Christmas so we were super excited to give them a try. Tanner loved being towed around in his little sleigh and Ryan had a blast riding solo on her new princess saucer. Here are a few pics of our first tobogganing adventure of the season!


3. We have so much chocolate and candy in our house from our Christmas stockings its crazy! Unfortunately, I’ve been living by this motto and eating like an absolute pig these past few days:


Luckily I think all of the open stuff is pretty much gone.

Time to show a little restraint and grab a piece of fruit or veggie sticks next time my husband pulls out a box of chocolates or a bag of chips.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

How was your Christmas?

How are you dealing with all the candy and sweets around your house?

3 responses to “Three Things Thursday!

  1. I sent it all to work with my husband! (Well, almost all of it. Some Oreos made it on top of my Greek yogurt tonight, and I did sneak a couple of dark chocolate kisses today…)

  2. Aww Cute pics! I wish we got snow like that. My girls would love it. We have some chocolate around the house, but we pretty much always do. I don’t know how I do it, but I try to avoid it. I buy myself the special dark chocolate and eat a square a day.

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