Three Things Thursday – The Countdown is On!

Seriously, I can’t believe it’s already Thursday – time is passing way too quickly!

1. 7 more sleeps! This time next week I will be on a plane for Mexico! I am so excited for a fun, relaxing, warm holiday with my husband! I cannot wait!

i love mexico

2. Only 18 days until I go back to work!

3. Which only leaves 10 days to get stuff done around the house! Yikes!


Friday’s tasks:

    • Complete return to work forms
    • Buy birthday gift
    • Organize clothes to give away

This weekends tasks

    • Summer tires away
    • Lawn furniture away
    • Get bed frame for Ryan
    • De-clutter – get rid of all the junk!
    • Get winter boots for the kids
    • Prep meals for kids while we are away

Do you have any suggestions for toddler meals I can make ahead of time? I’d love to get some new ideas!

7 responses to “Three Things Thursday – The Countdown is On!

  1. Have a great break. It feels weird reading that you’re planning on getting Winter boots etc while i’m planning on getting my pool readings done so we can start swimming again. We’re just heading into Summer.

  2. I make chicken breast and cube it into bite size pieces & shred some of it. I also put veggies in a bag to easily steam for my 14 mo old.

  3. What have you planned to make them so far? Lasagne and spag bol always go down well in our house and shepherds pie oh and spaghetti carbonara. Do they like falaffel, humous and salsa? You could make a great batch of falaffel burgers for them and leave some salsa to whack on top 🙂 – enjoy your holiday and good luck with the winter boot shopping! Took me an age to get a pair that fitted our one nicely 🙂

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