Waking Up to Yumminess!

I’m super pumped to be waking up to deliciousness!

I just spent less than 5 minutes making this recipe from He & She Eat Clean (actually, I cut the recipe in half, otherwise I’d be eating this stuff f.o.r.e.v.e.r!) and tonight, while I’m getting a full nights sleep, my crockpot will be prepping some delicious Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal!


Now this might seem a little silly, but I’ve set my timer for 8 hours so I don’t overcook/burn it! It’s all set to come on at 10:30 tonight and shut off at 6:30 tomorrow morning…I hope it works!


With breakfast taken care of for the week, I’m off to bed!

Have a great week everyone!

Have you ever made crockpot oatmeal? Do you have a delicious recipe you can share?

What about other crockpot breakfast ideas?I’m always looking to easy, healthy breakfast ideas!

2 responses to “Waking Up to Yumminess!

  1. I love crockpot oatmeal! I’m about to make some almond joy steel cut oats for the morning. My first time trying the recipe. I couldn’t find all the ingredients, so I had to make a few substitutions and adapt the recipe to the crock pot, so I’m hoping it turns out.

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