Three Things Thursday Friday!

Wow, what a week! It’s been so busy that I’m a day late (again) with my post…oh, well…life happens! Hope you enjoy this week’s three random things…

1. Last Sunday I ran the Niagara Falls Half Marathon. I was both excited and a little nervous about this race. I had a personal goal of completing the race in under 2 hours, but since my previous best time had been just over 2:03 (and that was about 10 years ago), I wasn’t exactly sure if I could do it.

With some last minute coaching from my friend Kathy, I decided to try and and change up my 10-1 plan (run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute) to do 10 and 30 seconds for the first 8km, then 10 and 45 seconds for the next 8km, and then 10 and 1’s for the last 5km. Here’s how things actually went…

lap time distance ran
1 5:35 1.79 km
2 5:34 1.80 km
3 5:24 1.85 km
4 5:17 1.89 km
5 5:26 1.84 km
6 5:27 1.83 km
7 5:32 1.81 km
8 5:36 1.79 km
9 5:41 1.76 km
10 5:44 1.74 km
11 5:47 1.73 km
12 5:35 1.78 km

Overall Results:
Chip Time: 1:59:38 (5:41/km) I DID IT!!
Age Group: 51/224
Gender: 300/1281


2. Yesterday I did my first ever BodyAttack Release Class 🙂 If you’re not familiar with BodyAttack check out this video – it’s a wicked workout and this latest release is jam packed with awesome new moves….like tuck jumps between your jump lunges and burpees in the running track…cause BodyAttack wasn’t already enough of a workout!


And as an extra bonus, I needed to wear an orange top last night, so I just had to go and buy this cute tank from lulu! Love it!


3. I am once again jumping on the Clean Eating train! While training for my half marathon, I was pretty much eating everything in site and none of it was really that healthy. For some reason things have been crazy busy and meal planning and food prep went out the window 😦 So, its time to get back on track – and my timing couldnt get any better as the lastest issue of Clean Eating Magazine showed up in my Zinio account today, and hubby and I are off to the sunny south for a little vacay in just a few weeks! If having to get into a bathing suit is not incentive enough, I’m not sure what is! Unfortunately, this is the first recipe that caught my eye (its for apple and pecan crumble – yummo!) Why do I love sweets and treats….why can’t I love broccoli and carrot sticks!!


5 responses to “Three Things Thursday Friday!

  1. Congratulations of your result! It’s a testimony to your hard work.

  2. Awesome job on your time! Breaking two hours is a HUGE milestone!

  3. Nice work on the half marathon!!!! I love hearing about other people’s experiences as I’m just starting training for my very first half.
    And BodyAttack…man oh man, just did my first class a couple weeks ago and was going to blog about it. Crazy stuff. 🙂

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