Three Things Thursday!

I am so excited that the weekend is almost here! Here’s what’s going on…


1. Running – With only 10 day’s until The Niagara Falls Half Marathon, I am trying to squeeze in the last few training runs. This week I ended up doing my tempo run on a treadmill, which isn’t the greatest, but since it was freezing cold out and I would have had to run with my little guy in the stroller, I decided that a treadmill run was better than no run!

So, after a 5 minute warm-up, I jacked the treadmill up to 7.2 miles/hour – which works out to be a 5:10 kilometer – and knocked off 5k. The first couple of km’s were tough. Having done my race pace 12km the day before, my legs did not want to move! After about 10 minutes, I finally felt like I was in a groove! With my running tunes pumping, I was feeling pretty good – that was until the last km, where once again, fatigue kicked in and I had to force myself not to quit! But, I did it…5km in 25:50!


2. Muffins – this week I made a double batch of Avocado Chocolate Chip Muffins from the October issue of Clean Eating Magazine. Let me just say, they are delicious. Definitely make them!


3. Me Time – I’m super pumped for a weekend away. My sister and I, along with about 6 others, are headed to a B&B for some quality scrapbook time! I’m a little excited to do some scrapbooking – I have yet to start any of Tanner’s album, but I am most excited to just get away and have some me time! Meals and snacks are taken care of, I don’t have to do any dishes, no diapers to change, I can sleep in if I want…OMG…it’s going to be amazing!



4 responses to “Three Things Thursday!

  1. those muffins are delish!!! i can’t wait for our weekend!!!!!

  2. Hooray for Me Time! More moms need to do that.

  3. Those muffins look fabulous! I love clean Eating Mag! Oxygen Magazine is another favorite!

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