Seven Days Without Running Makes One Weak!

Today was my first run since last Sundays 20km’s and let me just say, it was tough! First of all, taking a week off is never a good idea when training for a half marathon, but its really not a good idea 3 weeks from race day!

Up to this point, I have been doing all if my long runs with my sister Cathy. The company has been great and I haven’t missed a run, but, with race day coming, I need to see if I can run as fast as I need to to reach my sub 2 hour goal.

Today’s run plan was to do my 12km run at race pace. Since I will be doing 10 & 1’s, I need to be running an average pace of 5:38 km to finish in under 2 hours.

Today’s goal was to run 12km in 1:07:44. What I actually did was run 12km in 1:09:48.
Here’s how it broke down per km

1 – 5:30
2- 6:05
3 – 5:28
4 -5:55
5 – 5:37
6 – 6:10
7 – 5:46
8 – 5:25
9 – 5:52
10 – 6:19
11 – 5:54
12 – 5:42

Overall I was off my goal pace 2 minutes. My average pace was 5:49/km…not horrible, but not what I was hoping for either 😦

I am disappointed, but not discouraged.

I am still hoping for a sub 2 hour finish, and still believe it is possible.

I definitely need to get my runs in this week – tempo run tomorrow and speed work on Wednesday. I will be away this weekend so I think I will try to get my 8km race pace ‘long run’ in on Friday before I go. My goal is to complete the 8km in 45:09. So, for the next 13 days I am going to make myself a priority! I need to make sure I drink lots of water, get enough sleep and eat well.

Do you have any tips for success as race day (quickly) approaches?



8 responses to “Seven Days Without Running Makes One Weak!

  1. you can do it, Inny!!!

    • Today’s run almost killed me! My legs felt like bricks! Definitely need to keep moving over the next 13 days…don’t want to feel like that on race day!

  2. Probably already asked and answered, but are you doing any cross training and yoga?

    • Sort of 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of BodyAttack – great for my cardio and endurance, but unfortunately it is a high impact class so my body isn’t really getting a break.

      My schedule is dictated by daycare hours at the gym for the most part, so getting to yoga often doesn’t work, although I would live to!

  3. Don’t get discouraged with your race coming up so soon! Sometimes you have to listen to your body even though you mind is telling you differently. My first half marathon is in 12 days and I am getting ansy. They say to start to taper your runs 3 weeks before your race: cut your miles by 75 percent the 3rd week out, 50 the second week out, and 25 the week before. This also omits any really long runs as to prepare your body for the long race coming up. I have been struggling to run less because I am used to running more, but since I have started to run for time instead I feel a lot better. I am really excited to cross that finish line! I would also like to finish a little under 2 hours or reach 2 hours, however I am doing it for the pure accomplishment Good luck to you!

    • Definitely tapering – decreasing the mileage, but trying to maintain the intensity.

      Longest run left is only 8k 🙂

      How has your training gone?

      Good luck in your first half marathon! I look forward to reading about your results 🙂

      • trainleanthinkclean

        I totally agree. My training went well, only five days until my race so I am mentally and physically preparing. Hoping for the best! 🙂

  4. Good luck at your race! Sounds like you are right on track exercise-wise. Food is going to play a really important part in keeping your energy up. Do you have your Gu packs ready? And extra salt packets? You will be great!

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