Three Things Thursday!

1. I missed my hill training workout this week 😦 My sister had to go to a function at my nephews school last night, so she wasn’t able to meet me to run, and my nephew wasn’t able to babysit 😦 Unfortunately, she has a hockey game tonight so she isn’t able to go tonight either. Bummer! I was actually looking forward to our last hill workout of the program!

2. I’m not sleeping well 😦 I’m totally exhausted and have no problems falling asleep, but after getting up to feed Tanner sometime in the middle of the night, I can’t seem to fall back to sleep. I’m up for at least an hour and a half, but usually more. My mind starts going and I can’t seem to shut I off 😦

I’ve started taking a GSF Complex – it’s suppose to help turn your brain off which is exactly what I need. Hopefully I will see results soon, I’m exhausted!


3. I’ve decided to join Tosca Reno’s Sugar Strike for the last 10 days of September. I have not been eating well lately…actually I’ve been eating like total crap, so as a first step, I’ve decided to eliminate sugar for 10 days.

Here’s what to do when the sugar craving hits…


Luckily Tosca does allow sugar substitutes! I’m not sure I can go 10 days without any ‘sweets’!


Time to get baking…first up – Eat Clean Pumpkin Applesauce Muffins 🙂

10 responses to “Three Things Thursday!

  1. Good luck, Erin! I’m doing 30 days of nothing from the “Yes” column except for fruit! 🙂
    You can do it!!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! Just baby steps for me…hope to get there though 🙂

      How is it going? If heard there is a three day hump…that if you can last 3 days, you can pretty much do it forever…is that true?

      • 3 days? I think 21 is a better timeframe (like the 21 days sugar detox). I would think 3 days should be easy! 🙂 Maybe shoot for 3 days this week, 4 days next week, 5 the next, until you can go a whole week?

  2. If you’re having troubs sleeping you may want to try liquid melatonin. Tastes awful but absolutely works

  3. Hey Erin,

    Would you like to be a guest blogger for I want to do a series on eating clean but, honestly, I don’t feel I know enough about the subject. Any interest?


    • I would LOVE to! I’ve never been a guest blogger before 🙂 How does it work? When were you thinking?

      Thank you so much for asking! I’m honoured!

  4. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I totally struggle with sugar. I mostly eat clean and then the dessert cart comes rolling by…. The graphics you posted are a great help!

  5. I have never heard of GSF complex and am always looking for a natural way to turn my monkey mind off. Let me know if it works! I wanted to “like” your post but dont know how. Still figuring things out here 🙂

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