Three Things Thursday – Friday Edition

It’s been another crazy busy week and I totally missed yesterday’s Three Things Thursday post…so, here it is today 🙂


It’s been about a week and a half since I wrote this post about how meal planning and scheduling workouts is absolutely necessary if I’m going to reach my goals of eating clean and exercising regularly. So, here’s an update on how things have gone (although I did not post a plan for this week, I did make one – and have pretty much stuck to it :))

1. Menu wise, things have went pretty much as planned.  Here are a few pictures (and recipes) for the meals I prepared:

Grilled Chicken, Asparagus and Peppers

chicken asp peppers 

Eat Clean Spinach and Turkey Sausage Pizza


Pork Kabobs with Cucumber and Tomato Salad – oops, totally forgot to take a picture of this one! Its a Supperworks meal – super easy, clean and really good!

Greek Feta Burgers and Summer Pasta Salad – I had planned to have these burgers on Thursday night, but totally forgot how much of a rush thursdays are as we go to the gym for a 5:15 class.

Whole Wheat Pesto Pasta with Seasonal Veggies


Chicken Tacos with Guacamole and Tostitos – again, totally forgot to take a picture – but they were really, really, really good!

So that was last week, since then I’ve made:

Flank Steak and Summer Pasta Salad


Eat Clean Sausage and Pepper Penne

sausage and pepper penne

and Eat Clean Buffalo Chicken Wrapsbuffalo chicken wrap

2. Sticking to my workout plan was easy last week, but as I’ve started to teach more BodyAttack, running has once again taken a back seat 😦 Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past week and a half or so:

  • Monday – rest day :)
  • Tuesday – BodyAttack
  • Wednesday – 5K run
  • Thursday – CXWorx and BodyAttack
  • Friday – Walking (around the zoo)
  • Saturday – BodyAttack
  • Sunday – Long Run – 12 km, walking (around Center Island)
  • Monday – rest day 🙂
  • Tuesday – 4 km run and BodyAttack
  • Wednesday – BodyAttack
  • Thursday – BodyAttack
  • Today – Rest Day 🙂

I definitely need to figure out some kind of balance between Attack and running. I was suppose to start hill training this week and totally missed that workout to save up my energy so I could teach Attack. I need to make sure I get in a few key runs each week- a long run, a hill training run, and a steady run. So, my plan for success this week is: long run Saturday (tomorrow), rest Sunday, teach Attack on Monday, Rest Tuesday, teach Attack Wednesday, hills Thursday, steady run Friday, Attack Saturday, and long run next Sunday! Ok, now that I’ve laid it out, I’m pretty sure its doable! Although I’m tired just looking at it!

3. Since I also missed yesterday’s August Health/Fitness Blogger Challenge post, I’m going to throw it in right here. The topic/question….what’s the best thing that has happened to you this week? Unfortunately there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from 😦 I guess I’d have to say that the best thing about this week has been that Tanner has slept through until 6am before getting up, and Ryan – who usually wakes once in the night to find her soother – has also slept straight through. I’ve had a few solid nights of sleep and although I’m still tired, it could definitely be worse!

Oh, and the fact that Mike Boogie was evicted from Big Brother is pretty sweet too! Hehehe!

Happy Friday Everyone!

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?


5 responses to “Three Things Thursday – Friday Edition

  1. That pizza looks delicious! Thanks for linking back to the pasta salad. What did you think?

  2. Both kids sleeping through the night? A victory for sure!

    As for me, I wouldn’t really call this the “best” thing to happen to me, but it is life-changing:

    P.S. – The food you make looks great!

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